Texas Tech Regents Approve New Tuition Plan

Date: Feb. 24, 2006
CONTACT: Sally Logue Post, sally.post@ttu.edu

LUBBOCK – The Texas Tech University System Board of Regents Friday approved a new incentive-based tuition plan designed to encourage undergraduates to graduate in four years. The plan takes effect with the Fall 2006 semester.

The new tuition structure would mean that Texas Tech University students who take more than 15 credit hours per semester would save money. Regents also Friday approved a $6 per credit hour tuition hike bringing the cost per credit hour to $135.

“Right now students pay the same per credit hour cost whether they are taking 1 hour or 18 hours per semester,” said Jon Whitmore, president of Texas Tech University. “By providing a financial incentive for students to take more credit hours, we hope that they will graduate sooner and actually save themselves money.”

The incentive-based tuition plan is designed to support Texas Tech’s Graduate On Time program. Students participating in the program agree to take sufficient credit hours to graduate in four years while Texas Tech guarantees needed courses will be available.

Under the tuition change, part-time undergraduate students who take 11 or fewer hours will pay $135 per credit hour. Students taking 12 credit hours in the fall 2006 semester will pay $232 more than last fall. Those taking 15 credit hours will pay $90 more and those taking 18 credit hours will see a reduction in the tuition of $186.

The incentive-based tuition is designed to motivate students to take at least 30 hours during the fall and spring semesters. But for those who can carry only 12-14 hours in those semesters, there is a provision to allow them to take another six hours in the summer term and receive a $50 per credit hour rebate on their tuition. An appeals board also will be established to consider exempting students who have special financial burdens from the policy.

Currently 22 percent of Texas Tech students take more than 15 credit hours per semester. About 50 percent of students take between 12-14 hours.

The plan does not affect the Health Sciences Center.

In other action, the board also approved a $60 per semester energy fee, beginning in the fall 2006 semester. Students taking 12 or more semester hours would pay $60. Students taking 1-6 hours would pay a $20 fee, those taking 7-11 hours would pay $40.

The fee is necessary to pay extraordinary utility costs and will be reviewed annually, according to Thomas Anderes, Texas Tech senior vice president for administration and finance.

The board also approved some student fee changes including a $40 energy fee charged to all students living in a residence hall. Other changes include:

• $.45 per credit hour increase in the student transportation fee
• $.50 reduction in the identification card fee
• $2.50 increase in the medical services fee
• 6 percent increase in room and board rates
• $3 per credit hour College of Engineering advising fee
• $.50 per credit hour increase in the information technology fee