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Remembering the 'public' in public relations

Ragan’s PR Daily – As reported in O’Dwyer’s, the outcome of the study by Texas Tech’s College of Media and Communication reads like a “good news/bad news” joke. On the bright side, compared to a decade ago, most people are more sophisticated in how they view PR people. They think we’re smart and well informed. On the other hand, they also believe we’re lying spinmeisters.

Study: PR Pros Are Smart But Unethical – A study conducted by Texas Tech University’s College of Media and Communication, whose findings will be published in an upcoming edition of Public Relations Review, may shed some light on what the public really thinks of the PR industry.

All I Want for Christmas: Frugal Kids

At a recent conference sponsored by Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA,) Michael Finke of Texas Tech University pointed out that retirees with the highest wealth spend the lowest percentage of their income in retirement, suggesting that it was their innate ant-like frugality that in part helped them create such a large nest egg — [...]

Leo Pereida graduates from Texas Tech after 15 years in prison – “I knew when I got out I was going to go somewhere with this, and Texas Tech was what I wanted to do,” he said

New Family Tree Illuminates 'Big Bang' in Bird Evolution After Dinosaur Extinction

National Geographic – David Ray, a biologist at Texas Tech University, discusses a massive genetics project, published in the peer-reviewed journal, Science, that involves genetic codes of birds and crocodiles.

Nanowebs go green

Advanced Textiles Source – Seshadri Ramkumar, a professor and researcher at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University, discusses his research involving “green” electrospun nanowebs.

Study: You Can’t Avoid A Sure Thing

The NonProfit Times – That’s what Dr. Russell James, a professor of personal financial planning at Texas Tech University, believes when it comes to fundraising.

How to Make the Case for Graduate Education

Chronicle of Higher Education – Mark A. Sheridan, a biology professor and dean of the Texas Tech University graduate school, said placement data would help make the case for graduate education as a public good, as well provide prospective students with data they ought to have.

Women in comic industry trying to change how female characters are portrayed

FOX411 – Rob Weiner, a subject librarian at Texas Tech University, discusses the sexualization of women in comic books.

Optimizing Wind Plant Performance

Industrial Safety and Security Source – John Schroeder, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas Tech University, discusses wind power and the patent-pending concept developed by the National Wind Institute.

In Retirement, a Life of Inexpensive Leisure

Wall Street Journal – Charlene M. Kalenkoski, an associate professor at Texas Tech University, discusses the findings of her recent study “How Retirees Spend Their Time: Helping Clients Set Realistic Income Goals.”

The Search for Income in Retirement

Time – In a recent academic panel hosted by the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA), professors Michael Finke of Texas Tech and Stephen Zeldes of Columbia University illustrated the challenge of getting into an income mindset by discussing what’s known as the “annuity puzzle.”

Barnhill: All about trusts; 'Dead people don't own stuff'

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal – Robert E. Barnhill, a lawyer and certified financial planner who teaches personal financial planning at Texas Tech University, discusses what people need to know about trusts.

New cotton genome now under public release

Western Farm Press – Efforts by a Texas Tech research team in collaboration with Bayer CropScience and the National Center for Genome Resources (NGCR) were announced recently with the public release of the draft sequence of G. arboretum.

How managing your leisure time could save your nest egg

MorningStar – Charlene M. Kalenkoski, an associate professor in personal financial planning at Texas Tech University, discusses her study about how managing leisure time as a retiree can save money.

New method to determine surface properties at the nanoscale

Thermal Plant – Engineering researchers at Texas Tech University have developed a method for characterizing the surface properties of materials at different temperatures at the nanoscale.

These Popular Retirement Activities Won’t Break the Bank

Wall Street Journal – “I don’t want to tell people not to worry,” says Charlene M. Kalenkoski, an associate professor in the Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and co-author of the study. But, she adds, if the behaviors identified in the research hold true in years to come, retirement “isn’t going to be as expensive as people might think.”

Texas ties road funding to oil, sees oil prices drop

Abilene Reporter-News – Prices have dipped recently because of the decreased demand worldwide, Terry McInturff, a professor of energy commerce at Texas Tech University, said.

Christmas does come early — very early at Las Vegas malls

Las Vegas Review-Journal – “Malls and retailers use atmospherics to promote shopping. Garlands, music, Santa Claus are ways to inspire and energize shoppers,” said Deborah Fowler, who directs Texas Tech University’s retail management program.

Don't Count on Black Friday for the Best Holiday Deals

WKRC Cincinnati – This holiday season may end up providing better deals for consumers than in some past years, given that Thanksgiving falls on Nov. 27 this year, which is relatively late. That’s shortening the traditional holiday buying season for retailers, which may give them an incentive to offer deeper discounts, with many of those appearing before Black Friday, said Deborah Fowler, associate professor at Texas Tech University, who studies retail management.