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4 Reasons Why Getting Insured Might Not Be In Your Best Interest

Before It’s News- As for suing you, the IRS would have to ask the Department of Justice to do so, which, as Texas Tech law professor Bryan Camp told Yahoo! Finance, “if it’s such a small amount, it’s unlikely the government would sue for the same very practical reasons you wouldn’t sue someone for $25.”

North Texas homeowners beefing up security with storm shelters

Fort Worth Star-Telegram- In new construction, there’s no “limit to the possibilities,” said Dr. Ernst Kiesling, a research faculty member at Texas Tech and executive director of the National Storm Shelter Association, a non-profit dedicated to storm shelter quality.

Showtime Brings Realities of Texas Drought Home to Millions

Environmental Defense Fund- Don Cheadle will kick off the new series this Sunday, as he travels to Plainview and Lubbock, Texas to meet with ranchers, Texas Tech Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe and others as they share how their lives are impacted by the drought.

Hollywood puts climate change manifesto on TV

The Asian Age – But Cheadle also finds the scientist Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical Christian and professor at Texas Tech University, who has made it her mission to explain to people the science behind the
drought — notably that warmer temperatures are making droughts more severe, affecting jobs, food and health.

In DC, Texas Tech chancellor cites plans for big wind farm near campus

Dallas Morning News- That’s rarely made as clear as it has been made in West Texas, where there’s far too little water and a twister’s worth of untapped wind power, the chancellor of Texas Tech University said in an interview Wednesday.

Climate Change Threats To 'The Least Of These' Compel Evangelical Christians To Act

Huffington Post-“The [climate change] issue is not inconsistent with Christian values,” Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, told The Huffington Post. “In fact, Christian values demand we take action. Climate change disproportionately affects the poor and vulnerable — the very people Christians are called to care for and love.”

Natural Perchlorate Levels in a Desert Ecosystem

USGS- The U.S. Geological Survey and Texas Tech University study quantified natural levels of perchlorate in desert soil, plants, and atmospheric materials, and identified what controls its natural cycling and accumulation.

Driftwood Outdoors: Fear for the future

Jefferson City News Tribune- Keith Warren, an outdoor television producer and deer farmer from Texas, and Dr. Steven M. Presley, a professor at Texas Tech University, were brought in to address the crowd of roughly 100 people.

Try some pig pheromone to stop unruly dogs barking

NewScientist- John McGlone of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, who studies animal behaviour, discovered androstenone’s effect by trying it on his own pet.

What if the Hot Hand Wasn't a Fallacy?

Psychology Today-For thirty years the hot hand fallacy has been a standard topic in psychology textbooks. Alan Reifman, a professor of human development and family studies at Texas Tech, writes a popular blog on the hot hand, and he has contributed the only full-length book on the topic, Hot Hand: The Statistics Behind Sports’ Greatest Streaks.

Closest milemarker supernova in generation observed

Science Daily-Researchers including a Texas Tech University physicist have intently studied the closest type Ia supernova discovered in a generation.

Computer Scientists & Multidisciplinary Team Receive Grant to Build Faster, More Efficient Supercomputer Prototype

Virtual Intelligence Briefing-The National Science Foundation has awarded a $500,000 grant to researchers at Texas Tech University to develop a new supercomputer prototype that could lead to more efficient data-intensive computing – and speed-up the scientific discovery cycle.

Texas researchers, students help overhaul New Zealand beef market

Drovers Cattle Network-The success of Texas Tech University’s research in meat science and quality is no secret to West Texas or even the state. Now the value of that research is being tasted around the world.

Professor at Texas Tech University Studies Glycoproteins on a Grant from CPRIT

BioNews Texas-Yehia Mechref, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Texas Tech University, was recently awarded a $1.2 million grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).

General spared prison in sexual misconduct case

Orange County Register – Still, retired Maj. Gen. Walt Huffman, a Texas Tech University law professor who served as the Army’s top lawyer, said: “His career is being terminated. That much is for sure.”

End of an era: Microsoft ending support for Windows XP operating system

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal – “It’s been a good system, especially when they came out with the Service Pack 3,” said Sam Segran, Texas Tech’s associate vice president for information technology. “It’s been very stable. I think people liked it along the way, but just like anything else, as systems get upgraded they’ve made a fair amount of changes on the newer systems.”

You call this ‘Global Warming?’

The Washtenaw Voice – But is it? Human reckoning can be strange. According to Katherine Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, studies have shown that the temperature around us can influence our opinion on global warming.

General in sex case: Guilty plea on lesser counts

Yahoo! News-Retired Maj. Gen. Walt Huffman, a Texas Tech University law professor who previously served as the Army’s top lawyer, said Sinclair could be busted back two ranks to lieutenant colonel because the affair at the heart of the case began before his most recent promotion.

Judge’s decision is latest twist in Army sex case

Provo Daily Herald-“No one has ever seen anything like this before, but it seems like the right thing to do,” said retired Maj. Gen. Walt Huffman, a Texas Tech University law professor who previously served as the Army’s top lawyer. “This case was already unusual in so many respects.”

U.S. cattle deaths linked to Zilmax far exceed company reports: study

Chicago Tribune – The findings by researchers from Texas Tech University and Kansas State University show that more than 3,800 cattle in 10 feedlots that were fed Zilmax died in 2011 and 2012, with between 40 percent and 50 percent of the deaths likely attributable to Zilmax.