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Don't count on Black Friday for the best holiday deals

CBS News – The traditional holiday buying season is shortened for retailers, which may give them an incentive to offer deeper discounts, with many of those appearing before Black Friday, said Deborah Fowler, associate professor at Texas Tech University, who studies retail management.

Electrospun nanowebs go green

Advanced Textiles Source – By developing a homopolymer electrospun poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) nanoweb, the research team from Texas Tech University was able to evaluate the breathability, porosity and tensile strength of both treated and untreated nanowebs.

Meals on Wheels – Skyview restaurant, a venue where Texas Tech students gain real-world restaurant management experience, will donate half of all of their tips to Meals on Wheels this month.

Price of Oil Takes Another Sharp Drop – “Gasoline is an input to almost everything that is made in this economy,” said Michael Noel, an economist at Texas Tech University.

New Theory Suggests Quantum Effects Caused by Interacting Parallel Worlds – Poirier published both the new mathematics and the new interpretation in a 2010 Chemical Physics paper, leading to a collaboration with mathematician Jeremy Schiff at Bar-Ilan University.

Research Fellow Studies Star Power of Galaxies

Texas Tech Today – “What we’ve concluded is the stars are the ones that are blowing out the gas, heating it up and stopping the formation of the stars,” said Sell, who began this project during graduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “We’re not ruling out the black hole because it could be doing other things we haven’t noticed. Rather, it’s just not needed. There is enough energy from all the stars to do all this without needing a black hole.”

Anti-Bullying – Dorothy Espelage, the nation’s foremost expert on bullying and violence in schools, visited Texas Tech University’s College of Education and spoke about combatting bullying in U.S. schools.

'Quantum Weirdness' and 'Many Interacting Worlds'

Huffington Post – Bill Poirier, professor in Chemistry and Physics at Texas Tech University, discusses a new theory of quantum mechanics

Groups still pushing for changes to Texas social studies textbooks

Austin American-Statesman – Texas Tech University climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe said the controversy over climate change “lies in the politics, not in the science.”

The 20 most affordable online colleges

CBS News- Texas Tech was ranked sixth on the list.

Selenium May Be Effective Against Breast Cancer

U.S. Pharmacist- Research conducted at Texas Tech University (TTU) shows that selenium, when attached to the leading clinical chemotherapeutic monoclonal antibody (Mab) for a type of breast cancer, can more effectively kill the cancer cells. About 20% of cells have overexpressed growth receptors (HER2+ receptors) on the cancer cells, which cause uncontrolled cancer

Black Friday deals increasingly available all of November, experts say

Consumers Digest- Deborah Fowler, who is the retail-management program director at Texas Tech University, says the limited amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2014 (just 27 shopping days, excluding Thanksgiving Day) means that retailers will offer discounts earlier to meet projected sales figures.

A terrible fascination: Zombies in current culture – “There are zombies in car commercials, there’s a zombie run. I have a zombie teddy bear,” says Rob Weiner, subject librarian for Texas Tech University Libraries.

When Philanthropy Is Weird

New York Times- “The mixing of charity with various social events is really quite old and common,” Russell N. James III, a professor of personal financial planning at Texas Tech University who has studied charitable giving, told Op-Talk in an email. “What is new is the rapid meme-ing that can occur with social media.”

Tech alumni welcome new chancellor

Midland Reporter-Telegram-A couple hundred Red Raider alumni gathered at the Commemorative Air Force hangar on Oct. 29 to welcome the Texas Tech University System’s newest chancellor, Robert L. Duncan, to the Permian Basin.

FMI Foundation Awards 10 College Scholarships Byron Chaves, Texas Tech University, Ph.D. Animal Science (Food Safety)

What should you do if you don't match?

American Psychological Association- Once you recover from the disappointment of not matching in Phase 1, focus on Phase 2, when APPIC lists unfilled positions from Phase 1, new openings, and sites whose funding only became secured after the Phase 1 deadline. Remember, there is only a six-day period after the Phase 1 results to submit applications to Phase 2. “It’s easy to waste a month moping, [but] there are a lot of really stellar sites in Phase 2,” says Mike Parent, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at Texas Tech.

Mopping Up Disasters: Textiles Protect People and the Planet

AATC Review – In 2010, the Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory at Texas Tech University, which had already gained attention for another invention designed to mitigate smaller-scale oil and chemical disasters, was just beginning to experiment with using an inexpensive, natural, renewable resource to clean up large scale disasters.

Communities find little success in resisting fracking infrastructure

AlJazeera America – Processing and disposing of a barrel of hazardous waste can cost 10 times as much as nonhazardous waste, according to Bill Keffer, an environmental law professor at Texas Tech University and a former attorney for the oil and gas industry. “Multiply that by tens or hundreds of thousands or millions of barrels that have to be disposed of across the country, and you could see how the economics of that would change.”

Here's Another Sobering United Nations Report on Climate Change – “People assume the purpose of these reports is to change the public’s mind,” Katherine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University, told VICE News. “Clearly that’s not happening and clearly that’s not what the public needs. One more report is not what’s going to change people’s minds.”