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Sensing a sale: How retailers use pleasing scents to get you to buy

Deborah Fowler, an assistant professor at Texas Tech University, is a retail and marketing researcher.
“The retail tells us who they are by their music, by the sound, by the lighting,” Fowler said.

How to shed winter weight before winter is over

The 2013 study, conducted by nutritionist Jamie Cooper and others, raised some alarms in showing that even regular exercisers were not protected from winter weight gain. Further, it suggests, as many of the studies do, that getting rid of that pound or two (or more!) is very, very difficult. In fact, that extra weight is [...]

Should parents be punished for obese kids?

CNN – Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar of Texas Tech University discusses a proposed bill in Puerto Rico that would fine parents of obese kids.

Texans saddle up for wind study – Texas Tech University’s National Wind Institute is joining a $2.5m research project funded by the US Department of Energy that aims to improve short-term wind forecasting in mountainous terrain.

The porn talk works: If parents dislike porn, kids will too

Bloomington Herald-Times-The study, by researchers at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, found that children of parents who regularly talked about how they don’t like pornography because of the messages it contains and how it negatively affects individuals and society expressed more negative attitudes about pornography as college students.

For blacks in Hollywood, it's the same old script

USA Today – “The Oscar nominations of 2015 are less a claim of racism of the industry and more of a commentary of the dearth of roles for actors and actresses of color, and the casting of minorities,” says Tim Day, who teaches film classes at Texas Tech University.

Puerto Rican Lawmakers Look to Fine Parents of Obese Children

redOrbit – Nikhil Dhurandhar, who chairs the department of nutritional sciences at Texas Tech University, wondered, “What’s next? Will they be fining parents of children suffering from other diseases? Maybe diabetes? Maybe cancer? Maybe something else?”

Silent Spring : A Book That Changed the World

Seattle Post Intelligencer – Over at The Environment & Society Portal, Mark Stoll, an associate professor of history at Texas Tech University, has created a comprehensive online exhibition celebrating this groundbreaking book.

NASA to study how spaceflight impacts living organisms

Before It’s News – The research project created by Siva Vanapalli, an associate professor at Texas Tech University, was one of 16 research projects selected by NASA to be sent to the International Space Station.

Why oil refinery workers are striking for the first time in decades

Washington Post – “When the economy is in a recession, it’s usually not the time that these other issues come up,” says Michael Noel, an associate economics professor at Texas Tech who specializes in oil and gas. “Now that their jobs are more secure, it’s time to fix these safety issues.”

Texas judge in Tom Benson case made rare move, expert says

New Orleans Times-Picayune – In 30 years practicing and teaching trust law, Texas Tech University law school professor Gerry Beyer said he had heard of a probate judge appointing a receiver perhaps a dozen times.

Many Researchers not in Favor of a Puerto Rican bill aimed to curb Obesity

Maine News Online – Nikhil Dhurandhar, who chairs the department of nutritional sciences at Texas Tech University, said things are not that easy as they seem to be.

Harold Evensky – Nine Key Communication Points

Value Walk – Evensky is a Certified Financial Planner and chairman and co-founder of Florida-based Evensky & Katz, one of the most prestigious fee-only financial planning firms in the country. He is also a professor in the personal financial planning department at Texas Tech University.

5 Key Investment Strategies for Women

Yahoo! Finance – “Women live longer than men. That’s the actuarial fact. People with higher incomes and education live about five years longer even than the actuarial tables,” says Chris Browning, assistant professor in the department of personal financial planning at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

The Climate Change Elevator Pitch – Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University, gives an elevator pitch about climate change for “Climate Denial Crock of the Week.”

$2 gasoline: Good times keep rolling at the pump

Arizona Daily Sun – “It’s crazy,” says Michael Noel, an economics professor at Texas Tech University who studies oil and gasoline prices. “But for consumers it’s very, very good.”

Quiznos teams with Texas Tech’s Burkhart Center for students with autism

Autism Daily Newscast -Quiznos has paired up with Texas Tech’s Burkhart Center to give students on the autism spectrum real-world restaurant experience.

Retirement planning isn't just about the money

CNBC – A number of predictors indicate just how happy you’ll be in retirement, Michael S. Finke, a certified financial planner and professor at Texas Tech University, told attendees Tuesday at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference in Las Vegas.

Agreement brings more higher ed opportunities to Collin County

Dallas Morning News – Collin College and Texas Tech finalized an agreement Tuesday that will bring more higher level college classes to Collin County.

Scientists react: 2014 confirmed as hottest year on record

The Carbon Brief – Professor Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University, discusses climate change in relationship to the hottest year on record.