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Bloomberg Businessweek - To Fix Immigration, Improve U.S. Education and Link Visas to Employer Needs

The administration and Congress have again turned their attention to a problem that everyone agrees needs to be addressed and has been on the legislative agenda for decades: immigration reform.

A recent study by Texas Tech Professor Benjamin Powell, a research fellow at the Independent Institute, highlights the extent of the problem. Not once in the past decade, Powell and his co-author, Zachary Gochenour, found, has the supply of H1-B visas for high-skilled workers been sufficient to meet the needs of employers. In fact, the supply of such visas lasted more than half the fiscal year in only two of the past 10 years. Both instances were during economic downturns. In fiscal year 2013, the government ran out of the allotted 65,000 H1-B visas in less than a week.

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