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American Institute of Architects - Newest Multidisciplinary Trend in Architecture Education: Public Health

There was a time when the most pressing health concerns at an architecture school were students injuring themselves with X-Acto knives during late-night marathon model-making charrettes. But now issues of public and personal health are making a broader institutional impact.

Only two U.S. schools, Clemson University and Texas Tech University, currently offer professional architecture programs with a specialization in health. Clemson grants an M.Arch A+H, with a focus on architecture and health; and Texas Tech offers both a masters degree program and one-year postgraduate certificate program in HealthCare Facilities Design (HCaF). While the programs are open to students with a general interest in public health, three-quarters of Clemson A+H graduates go on to work in healthcare facilities design, and almost all of Texas Tech HCaF graduates do.

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