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Texas Tech Remembers: John F. Kennedy

On the 50th anniversary of his assassination, we look back at that tragic day.

Professor: Oswald Lone Gunman, Despite Conspiracy Theorists

The whodunit lists read like alphabet soup: The CIA, the KGB, the FBI and LBJ. Don’t forget Fidel Castro and the Mafia. After 50 years, conspiracy theorists haven’t changed their most wanted lists.

However, investigations in the past 10 years point squarely to Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman, said one Texas Tech University expert. Read More >>

-John W. Davis

Important JFK Documents Housed at Texas Tech

Many Americans will reflect upon the life, leadership and legacy of President John F. Kennedy on the anniversary of his death, but even 50 years later – the tragic event continues to be a subject for researchers.

At Texas Tech’s Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, materials from the Waggoner Carr and George Mahon Collections focus on Kennedy’s visit to Texas, his assassination and the aftermath. Read More>>

-Karin Slyker

Video: Where were you when John F. Kennedy was Shot?

Photos: Texas Tech’s John F. Kennedy Exhibit
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6 Responses to “Texas Tech Remembers: John F. Kennedy”

  1. HERVE Says:

    I think you should write an article about Lyman Lemnitzer and “operation Northwoods”. Lyman Lemnitzer was SACEUR at SHAPE (NATO, France then Belgium). He was the chief of the “stay-behind” sections. The French “stay-behind” had most probably connections with the “SAC”(Service d’Action Civique) and drug traffickers. Lyman Lemnitzer may have used them for the assassination.

  2. Neil Says:

    A very inspiring and a wonderful tribute to the death of such a wonderful man. Thanks

  3. Bennett Driver Says:

    I was in the second grade and vividly remember being at recess on the playground in Throckmorton, TX when the flags were lowered to half-staff. At 7, I’d never seen that before, then all the kids were called back to home room where Mrs. Condrun dismissed us from school. It was Friday afternoon.

    I didn’t know the impact then, so I excitedly ran the four blocks to my house. School was out early. What did I know?

    It was a somber weekend. My little sister’s birthday party was that Sunday afternoon. That party took place after Lee Harvey Oswald was also assassinated earlier that morning as we watched it on TV.

    I remember the gleeful feeling of hearing the school bells ring on Monday because school was dismissed. I didn’t grasp the tragedy until we watched President Kennedy’s funeral procession later.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Although I was too young to have specific memories of what I was doing on that fateful day, it has been a tragic subject revisited on my birthday each year. Not only did I live in the metroplex, but my father’s office was in downtown Dallas. As soon as I was old enough to understand, the subject fascinated me. I read almost every book regarding the assasination that I could get my hands on as well as watching the documentaries every year on the anniversary. This piece on the Texas Tech website was very well presented. Wish it was longer. Well done!

  5. Louis M. Raiborn Jr Says:

    Do you have any information that proves Ruby knew Oswald before he shot President Kennedy? I lived on 3rd Street by Texas Tech during the shooting. I am waiting to hear from you. I graduated from Texas Tech in 1966.

    I was a fireman from 1960-1966 in Lubbock. I am training now to break another World Record in swimming for the US.

  6. Linda R. Cantrell Says:

    I was a freshman at Tech in 1963. I remember this day so very clearly listening to the radio in our West Hall dorm room. Even though neither my roommate nor I were Catholics, we went to the closest church and lit candles for the Kennedy family then paused to pray and reflect upon President Kennedy and the intense sadness we felt that day. It was a time that I will never forget, I felt like it left a hole in my heart.

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