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Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center Hosts Open Teaching Event

The Open Teaching Concept begins Oct. 10 and features lectures and co-curricular events through Nov. 1.

Written by Callie Jones


The Open Teaching Concept is designed to teach diversity across the curriculum.

The Texas Tech University Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center (CCAAC) is hosting the Open Teaching Concept (OTC) 2013 designed to teach diversity across the curriculum. This year’s theme is “Civil Rights, Human Rights: Questioning the ‘Pursuit of Happiness.’”

The OTC begins today (Oct. 10) and will feature lectures and co-curricular events through Friday, Nov. 1. A full schedule and additional information about each event can be found here.

The program offers faculty, staff, students and members of the community a unique opportunity by opening up classrooms and encouraging interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary discussion.

“We are making connections, building the dialogue, and bringing together the myriad threads of discourse on diversity, multiculturalism, race, gender, class, sexuality, belief and social justice together into one 2 week long program,” said Aliza Wong, associate chair and associate professor of history and co-director for the program.

This year’s event takes place over two weeks and includes more than 20 events led by fellows from eight colleges. Each lecture or event will examine what the pursuit of happiness really entails, how one person’s pursuit might be at the expense of another’s happiness and the ways in which we engage in the difficult dialogues about inclusive social justice, Wong said.

Lectures will include topics such as the integration of the military, relocation of Native Americans, environmental justice and creating education across social, economic, cultural and political lines.

“The Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center understands that diversity learning is dynamic,” said Jobi Martinez, director of the CCAAC and co-director of the Open Teaching Concept. “Our goal with Open Teaching is to engage diversity teaching, dialogue, and learning through multiple outlets to enhance and continue to advance diversity at Texas Tech.”

Colette Taylor, assistant professor of higher education in the College of Education said the OTC will help highlight a variety of perspectives on the pursuit of happiness and her program, “Celebration and Struggle: Sex and the Pursuit of Happiness” is designed to celebrate and inform students of the historic struggles and courageous efforts of women of all races pursuing education, a key element to happiness in the United States.

“In order for Texas Tech students to be prepared for their roles and responsibilities as global citizens, they must develop an appreciation for the inherent benefits of cultural, linguistic, religious, and gender diversity,” Taylor said. While every individual desires happiness, their journey to that happiness will be different depending on their personal context.”

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