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EnergyVortex.com - NNSA Constructing Largest Federal Wind Farm at Pantex Facility

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has awarded a contract to Siemens Government Technologies, Inc., (Siemens) to construct and operate the federal government’s largest wind farm. The Pantex wind farm, a first in the NNSA enterprise, will consist of five 2.3 megawatt turbines located on 1,500 acres of government-owned property east of the Pantex Plant.


Energy savings from the wind farm average $2.9 million annually over a 20-year contract term and the project will enable Pantex to meet the President’s energy initiatives for green energy. The wind farm at Pantex will allow NNSA to meet almost all of its renewable energy goals while also offering unique research opportunities to longtime partner in education, Texas Tech University, and its research collaborators. The farm will generate approximately 45 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually – greater than 60 percent of Pantex’s annual electricity needs. “Three years of hard work, dedication and determination have paid off,” said NNSA Production Office Manager Steve Erhart. “The NNSA’s goal was to turn Texas wind into energy, and we have overcome numerous hurdles in implementing the contracting strategy.”

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