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Integrated Scholar Spotlight: Chinwe Obi

Obi will use her passion for words to benefit non-profit organizations.

Provided by The Office of the Provost

Chinwe Obi

Chinwe Obi

Chinwe Obi is captivated by the power of words and relationship building.

As a double major in public relations and technical communication, Obi has been able to apply her knowledge in the classroom, research, internships, work, and service projects. Among her most rewarding experiences was an internship with the nonprofit Lubbock Arts Alliance, during which she raised funds and recruited volunteers for the group’s four-day arts festival.

Obi’s interest in media messages led her to work on research projects with public relations Professor Autumn Shafer.

Additionally, Obi has been involved in a number of extracurricular activities, some of her most visible roles being with President’s Select, which allows her to interact with prospective students, and the College of Media and Communication Dean’s Council, which enables her to advocate on behalf of her fellow students in the college.

Looking to advance her education, Obi will enroll in a master’s program for technical communication and then she plans to pursue a Ph.D. She intends to develop a career in grant writing for nonprofit organizations and to share her experience with others in higher education.

Learn more about Chinwe Obi.

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2 Responses to “Integrated Scholar Spotlight: Chinwe Obi”

  1. Marcus Borhani Says:

    Chinwe did a couple of internship projects at X-FAB Texas and she was excellent student. She was self starter and required minimum supervision. Glad to see her be showcased in this article. We are proud of her with all she has been able to accomplish. She has a bright future in front of her.

  2. Techgirl08 Says:

    This is really good! She will go far! Go girl!

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