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Texas Tech Purchases New Horse for Masked Rider

The steed made his debut at bowl game, and now there will be a contest to name him.

Written by Leslie Cranford

The new horse along with Masked Rider Ashley Wenzel at the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston's Reliant Stadium on Dec. 28.

The new horse along with Masked Rider Ashley Wenzel at the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston’s Reliant Stadium on Dec. 28.

Wanted: Strong and sturdy with mild temperament, willing and proud demeanor. Not easily flustered or distracted. Ability to move quickly while carrying substantial loads. Ability to take direction and work with a team.

These qualifications have never been an easy or swift find when it comes to choosing a horse for the Masked Rider program at Texas Tech University.

It took Sam Jackson about three months and more than a dozen candidates to find the perfect horse with the right attributes to replace Midnight Matador, who was retired last fall due to a health issue. Jackson is associate chair in Texas Tech University’s Department of Animal and Food Sciences and Masked Rider Program advisor.

Texas Tech has completed purchase of Hollywood at Dusk or “Woody” as he is nicknamed, from a ranch in Tulia. He was the horse ridden by Masked Rider Ashley Wenzel at the Meineke Car Care Bowl Dec. 28.

Woody is a black, 8-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, approximately 15 hands tall and about 1,100 pounds. 

“Woody was chosen as the new mount for the Masked Rider because he best fit all of the criteria that a horse in this role must possess,” Jackson said. “Several of the horses that were evaluated met some of the criteria, but the list of potential horses became quite short when all of the necessary traits were evaluated. The most significant requirement for a horse in this role is to be absolutely well-trained and quiet in his disposition. Most of the horses that were evaluated were simply not quiet-minded enough or did not have the natural disposition to be able to excel in this position.”

Passing the Tests

Jackson said Woody was tested extensively in situations that mirrored what he would experience in this demanding role. He attended band practices, observed fireworks, met Raider Red, watched and heard pistol and cannon fire, carried flags and led the team onto the field in a large indoor football stadium with several thousand screaming fans.

“I appreciate the work of Dr. Jackson and members of the Masked Rider Advisory Committee in working quickly to thoroughly review and select Texas Tech’s new Masked Rider horse,” said Amy Murphy, dean of students. “It took a great deal of effort on the part of many Texas Tech staff and supporters during this interim period to have the Masked Rider represented at the final regular and post season football games and to appropriately test the new horse candidates. The outpouring of support from Texas Tech fans and alumni around the retirement of Midnight Matador and the excitement around his successor has been extraordinary.”

The new horse made his first football ride at the Meineke Car Care Bowl and performed well.

The new horse made his first football ride at the Meineke Car Care Bowl and performed well.

“Woody is a very well-trained gelding that is responsive to his rider’s cues and commands,” Jackson said. “He has a soft, quiet mouth and is responsive to the leg cues that a rider must give a horse to be able to control and maneuver him in crowded and changing environments.

“Through all of the testing he maintained the same calm demeanor and attitude that he expressed when I rode him the first time in an outdoor roping arena with no one around but cattle and horses. After passing all of the behavioral tests, the final critical criteria that he met was that he was a big, stout, sound-structured, attractive black gelding that should be capable of carrying Masked Riders across the turf for many years to come.”

Texas Tech is holding a naming contest for the mascot’s official Texas Tech name and will begin taking entries at 9 a.m. Friday (Jan. 18) through 5 p.m. March 1.

Email submissions to  Only one entry is allowed per email address. In the event the winning name is submitted by multiple entrants, the email bearing the earliest time/date stamp will win. The name will be announced at the Transfer of Reins on April 19.


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41 Responses to “Texas Tech Purchases New Horse for Masked Rider”

  1. Rostam Says:

    ” Rostam” is a name of famous hero from ancient Persia.

  2. Nick Gochis Says:

    Spike’s Ghost



  4. billy jack ray Says:

    why did they select a horsewith a white star? isn’t the horse supposed to be ALL BLACK?

  5. Marquita S. Akers Says:

    The name I would like to submit for the Texas Tech horse is the following: Magic Matador or Lucky Matador.
    Marquita S. Akers

  6. DonnaJansma Says:

    I think his name should be “Tex”

  7. Scarlet Knight Says:

    Victory bells ring, ride into the night, long live Scarlet Knight!!!

  8. Emily Says:

    Sharp’s Steed
    In honor of Coach Sharp and this marking the 20th anniversary of the National Championship.

  9. Max DuBose Says:


  10. The Masked Ridden Says:

    Guns Up!

  11. Jeff Castro Says:

    Every horse from now on should be named Raider Power. Prior to each run a huge raider power chant should be done followed by fanfare and run. Epic.

  12. Tom Chenault Says:

    Black Marauder

  13. Mary Rautis Says:

    My suggestion for a name is Matador Magic.

  14. Ruth Chronic Says:

    My pick for a name for the new Masked Rider horse:

  15. Richard Lewis Says:

    While we could name the horse Midnight Matador II, to continue the tradition, I would offer the name Raider Power or RP for short.

    Guns Up,
    Dick Lewis

  16. Keith Maberry Says:

    Name needs to be Lucky

  17. Brendan Vardy Says:

    I think the name should be “black dream”

  18. Will Blasingame Says:

    The Horse should be named Midnight or Blackout

  19. M Rotramel Says:

    Raiders Dream

  20. Dave King Says:

    “Conquistador” …. this is a very strong name and reflects our area and Texas Tech’s history.

  21. Delbert Thomas Says:

    Tuxedo Toreador

  22. Jim Nelson Says:

    Suggested horse name:
    Ebony Raider Red

  23. Melissa S. Says:

    “Thunder” or “Lightning”…… It represents a strong black horse.

  24. Matt W Says:

    Darkened Dawn, or Dawns Darkness,

  25. Viola Wilcox Says:

    I think the name should be Black Smoke

  26. Viola Wilcox Says:

    I think a good name would be “Smokin’ Jet”

  27. Viola Wilcox Says:

    Smokin’ Matador

  28. Garrett Bratton Says:

    Raider Rampage

  29. Tommy Thompson Says:

    A new horse, a new beginng, a horse named Sunrise Matador.

  30. Cliff Rogers Says:

    My suggestion for a name for the new horse Woody would be DARTH RAIDER. Thank You, Cliff Rogers.

  31. Carlene Grogan Says:

    “Masked Abyss ” ……

  32. A Ann Gibson Says:

    I think the new horse should be named Klifford.

  33. Richard Flippin Says:


  34. Connie Enriquez Says:

    I think his name should be

  35. Tony Says:

    Name the horse
    Dark Raider

  36. Deanna Walsh Says:

    Name the horse “Senor Swagger”

  37. Gary McDonald Says:

    MR. Red

  38. julie barron Says:


    In Latin, Invicta means Unconquerable

  39. hartlee terrell Says:


    Out here they have a name for rain and wind and fire. The rain is Tess, the fire’s Joe and they call the wind, Mariah.

    Run like the wind!

  40. Mary George Beyer Says:

    Unfortunately, I let the deadline slide past me to name this gorgeous horse. My thoughts for his name were taken from The Matador Song such as Fearless Champion, Loyalty, or Spirit Wind. Whatever name is chosen for this magnificent steed should reflect the pride and dignity of the University he symbolizes: Texas Tech University. Choose carefully, and my congratulations to your winning name.
    Mary George Beyer, MED 2004

  41. Rheanna England Says:

    “Zorro” aka Don Diego de la Vega “to avenge the helpless, to punish cruel politicians”, and “to aid the oppressed.”

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