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2012 Teaching Academy Inductee: Keith Dye

The associate professor of music education is living his dream, preparing students to become teachers of their own.

This is one in a series of videos profiling the 2012 inductees to the Texas Tech University Teaching Academy

The mission of the Teaching Academy at Texas Tech is to advocate for teaching excellence, promote service related to the university’s teaching mission, advise and mentor colleagues and others, and share knowledge about teaching strategies and their implementation as appropriate.

For more information, please visit the Teaching Academy website.


2012 Teaching Academy Inductee: Gerry Beyer

2012 Teaching Academy Inductee: Nancy McIntyre

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2 Responses to “2012 Teaching Academy Inductee: Keith Dye”

  1. Devin Turk Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Dye! I agree with everything that you’ve said, and the “brutal honesty” you gave me was what guided me through the process of making myself a stronger teacher. Thank you for caring about the success of your students and keep on teaching great teachers!

  2. Wendy Mace Says:

    Mr. Dye, you taught me in high school, class of 87, and you were always an inspiration to me. God bless you and I am so happy you are living your dream.

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