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Alumnus Thrilled with Winning Daytime Emmy Award

Scott Gryder said a class at Texas Tech helped him win best makeup award.

Written by Lindsay Bradshaw


Scott Gryder and fellow cast member, Jessica Honor Carleton, pose with the Daytime Emmy Award they won last month.

Surrounded by highly talented artists at the Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony, Scott Gryder, a Texas Tech University graduate, was honored just to have been nominated. As name after name was called up to the stage, he watched in admiration from his seat.

But when he and fellow cast member, Jessica Honor Carleton, of Green Screen Adventures were announced as the winners for best makeup, they were floored.

“We didn’t go in expecting to win,” Gryder said. “It was just an honor to be nominated. But when we did, my first thought was, ‘We’re Green Screen Adventures. Tell your friends.’”

Gryder earned his bachelor’s in theater in 2005 before moving to Chicago, where he works and performs for Green Screen Adventures. The children’s television show inspires elementary students to submit their writing by having cast members act out the stories submitted.

Prior to this show, most of Gryder’s experience with makeup entailed what he had learned in a stage makeup class at Texas Tech.

“The class was part of exploring the full theater curriculum at Tech,” he said. “When it came to Green Screen Adventures, I quickly found out that we had to do our own makeup. So, I brought in my makeup kit from my Texas Tech class and started painting my face. I’ve been a monkey, a tiger, an alligator and many other fictional and real animals.”

Brownfield Native Always had Passion for Art

Gryder said his ability to create these animal-like designs came from an early interest in art, so painting his face only came naturally.

Gryder said his ability to create these animal-like designs came from an early interest in art, so painting his face only came naturally.

Gryder said his ability to create these animal-like designs came from an early interest in art, so painting his face only came naturally.

Before coming to Texas Tech, the West Texas native attended Brownfield High School. Enthusiastic about art, he had dreams of becoming an art instructor at a secondary school until his freshman year, when he took his first theater class.

Gryder said he never looked back.

“One of my favorite things about the theater scene is the familial bond you so quickly form within the casts and crews you work with,” Gryder said. “But beyond that is the ever-present urge to entertain. I want to share my fervent passion for singing, storytelling and acting. I love to connect with an audience.”

However, Gryder’s dreams do not stop with prestigious awards. He says he still hopes to take his cabaret, Simply Scotty, on tour, traveling to venues across the country to share the music he loves.

For those hoping to follow in Gryder’s successful footsteps, he has some pieces of advice.

“Surround yourself with excellence,” Gryder said. “When you’re surrounded by those whose works you admire, you will grow in that similar direction of excellence.”

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  1. Greta (Waldrip) Sherrill Says:

    I taught at brownfield from 2002-2007. I was offered the Theatre Arts position but took a Junior High assignmnt instead as my husband was not in good health and I knew the long hours involved in Theatre. I absolutely think I saw you perform at a Texas Tech early Bird Speech tournament; were you in a duet act? I remember laughing until my sides ached at two guys from Brownfield. I am almost sure it was you. Anyway, I have now been asked to START a Theatre program in Albany, Texas, near Abilene. If you are ever in the area, I would LOVE to have you as a guest speaker!!! I grew up on a farm not far from Brownfield, so I also kind of consider that area home. Hey there is a guy named Joel Ison from Brownfield who is taking Texas Tech Theatre by storm… he is awesome. look him up! He is a Junior and has had several lead roles already. Well, take care. Would absolutely love to hear from you!!!Congrats on your success!!!!!
    Greta ( Waldrip) Sherrill When I was at Brownfield I was Greta Waldrip but I married since then and am now Greta Sherrill

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