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Ask The Experts: Rob Weiner

Texas Tech's subject librarian answers your questions about all things Halloween.

Written by Patrick Gonzales


To read more about Rob Weiner or to contact him, visit his experts page.


Ask The Experts

If you have the question, our experts have the answer.

Texas Tech Today is debuting a new series showcasing the many and diverse experts we have on campus.

Each month, the designated expert(s) will be available to answer reader-submitted questions relative to their area of expertise. Only the best questions will be selected, and the expert(s) will then answer them in a video segment called “Ask The Experts.”

Questions may be submitted in several ways:

  • Email
  • Texas Tech’s Facebook page.
  • Texas Tech’s Twitter feed.

Along with your question, include your name and current place of residence. If you are a Texas Tech student, please also include your current classification and hometown. If you are an alumnus, include the year in which you graduated.

View complete "Ask The Experts" guidelines here.

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