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Texas Tech Files Motion to Dismiss Mike Leach Lawsuit

Among the new information is an affidavit from Dr. Robert Cantu, one of the nation’s leading neurological surgeons who has served as an expert to the NFL’s concussion committee.

Written by Chris Cook


Texas Tech University attorneys today (May 4) filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit filed by former football coach Mike Leach against the university and four Texas Tech employees.

Today’s motions include additional information that further validates Texas Tech’s position.

“This information leaves no doubt that what we have been saying over the past four months is true: Coach Leach’s case has no merit, either factually or legally,” said university attorney Dicky Grigg.

Among the new information is an affidavit from Dr. Robert Cantu, one of the nation’s leading neurological surgeons who has served as an expert to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL’s concussion committee. After reviewing the evidence in the case, Dr. Cantu found that the student athlete had sustained a concussion, and that, in his expert medical opinion, Leach’s actions “constituted totally inappropriate management and care for a concussion” and called the mistreatment of this athlete “unconscionable.”

Dr. Cantu went on to say, “I am troubled to think of the extremely negative effect that this humiliating treatment of Adam James by Coach Leach most probably had on other members of the football team. The treatment of Adam James would have a chilling effect on teammates reporting their own concussion symptoms and in my opinion was an entirely inappropriate message to send to these student athletes.”

The motions also include new affidavits by football trainers Steve Pincock and Buzz Chisum. In those statements, Leach told Chisum that the student’s concussion was “a bunch of (expletive) (expletive)” In a staff meeting around the time the student was diagnosed, Leach told Pincock to “tell the doctors that we don’t have any more concussions around here.”

“Look at Dr. Cantu’s statement and the additional information from the team trainers,” said Grigg. “It is obvious that this is no way to treat a student athlete with a concussion – regardless of a coach’s opinion of the player’s attitude or ability.”

As to Leach’s claims of conspiracy – Grigg said nobody in the administration wanted to terminate Coach Leach.

“Kent Hance, Guy Bailey and Gerald Myers repeatedly tried to get Coach Leach to address the issue constructively in order to move forward, but he refused,” said Grigg. “What Leach did was too wrong to ignore. His mistreatment of a player was – as Dr. Cantu said – unconscionable. Despite the numerous efforts of the administration, Leach refused to take responsibility for his actions and refused to work toward resolving the situation.”

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199 Responses to “Texas Tech Files Motion to Dismiss Mike Leach Lawsuit”

  1. Karen Newton Says:

    You guys are a Joke!! The nation’s #1 neurologist… woopee!! I have about the same amount of respect for doctors that I have for slimey lawyers. Of course he’s allied with the NFL… duh!! Who played in the NFL??? Who is feeding the doctor with all this BS?? I could describe the symptoms of a concussion to get a diagnosis of a concussion?? what quackery!!! Shame on you, Texas Tech….

  2. S Says:

    Please do not forward e-mail of this type to me. I have no interest in how Tech is trying to cover their a** in this case. If I wanted to read liberal ramblings of the lawyers actions, I’d read the paper. All that matters is the final outcome…after the courts make their decision…whatever it is. Whether Leach acted inappropriately doesn’t matter to me any more than the fact that I know Tech also acted very unprofessionally and inappropriately. I am embarrassed to be an alumn at this point in time.

  3. Tom Says:

    When Texas Tech Administrators concede that Adam James was a disciplinary problem who acted in his own interests, and not the teams, and when they admit that TTU football coaches were harassed by Craig James further complicating coaches dealing with Adam James. That Adam willfully destroyed Texas Tech property in anger because of his demotion due to poor effort. Then, I will give it to them that there were better places to put Adam out of sight of the team because of his rules infractions. But, Mike didn’t “put” him anywhere, he just wanted him out of sight so as to not be a distraction to the team. I don’t see any difference in standing on the sidelines or standing in a media room. No harm, no foul. Please read how Adam James “took it” n the depositions. HE thought it was hysterical, while he strove for Honor.

  4. Lisa Miller Says:

    Please don’t send this kind of information again. I pay my alumni dues to be proud of Texas Tech and insure that future generations will be as well. I thought I received a pretty good education at Tech. This e-mail spelling out what you think I need to know makes me wonder! Let the courts decide and do what you should be doing best…creating good will that will make all of us want to support Tech in the future!

  5. Marvin Baker Says:

    This is further damage control by a badly compromised university “leadership”. You guys are laughable in your attempts to smear coach Leach. We all now how lawyers go out to find “experts” to give convincing arguments that back up their story. You guys are scared and it shows with these silly press releases. It’s too late for this. No matter what, as long as Kent Hance, Gerald Myers, and the members of the board of regents who were involved in this stupidity are still associated with the university, my dollars go elsewhere.

    Still angry.

    Marvin Baker, Class of 87

  6. Ed Wilfong. Ph.D. '82 Says:

    I just wish that someday we will know the truth. Now all legal posturing. This is all so sad, for Leach, TTU, and James. Perhaps if you would have just paid the man his money, or the timing not so odd, or the player so public………Perhaps. Drop me a note when someone tells the full and honest truth.
    Wilfong. Ph.D. “82

  7. David Brown Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that how Coach Leach handled himself in regards to the school was not appropriate but so far I have not seen that information that would cause me to feel that the school had sufficent cause to terminate Coach Leach. I will always be a fan of Texas Tech but I am not at all happy with the schoo administration’s handling of the situation and support Coach Leach. I think that Gerald Myers, in the wake of this incident, should be terminated and am not at all pleased with other’s in the Tech administration that are involved. I think the way this was handled by Texas Tech was at a minimum very unprofessional and am extremely disappointed with the school that I love very much.
    David Gregory (Greg ) Brown

  8. Barry Knight Says:

    I tried to formulate an opinion with an open minde. After doing much research and reading many different items from former team mates of Adam James, my original opinion has not changed.

    Adam James is a spoiled brat and was a cancer to the team. Leach should have just cut him but I’m pretty sure Gerald Myer’s wouldn’t let him because his daddy is the great SMU running back Craig James. Adam may have had a concussion. Isolating him from the rest of the team certainly did him no harm.

    I refuse to support financially in any way TTU until Gerald Myers has retired or is fired or passed on. Don’t care which and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Don’t come knocking on my door for any $$$.

  9. Mark Bryant Says:

    The timing of the firing is prima facie evidence as to the conspiracy against Mike Leach and to the timing of his bonus payment. Only because Adam is well known through his lineage, that this became such a “mountain out of a molehill”. At best, coach Leach should have been severly reprimanded and maybe even fined. New procedures could have been instituted to monitor this type of situation in the future. The Administration (Hance) made a commitment they didn’t want to fulfill.

    Mike Leach’s failure to address this issue was at most insubordinate, but not to the extent that would require termination.

    My gosh, you hired Bob Knight who allegedly “choked” a player at Indiana, with a reputation of having somewhat uncontrollable temper tantrums, and then you turn around and fire Leach because he wouldn’t pander to a slack, prima donna player. Hypocrites!

    Once again, the timing of the firing to any logical person would dictate a conspiracy afoot. No amount of “experts” that come forward in the University’s defense will change that. I personally will rejoice when Hance, Myers, and the rest of the Regents are no longer associated with Texas Tech.

    Mark Bryant, CPA
    15 Greenbriar St.
    Mineral Wells TX 76067-5054
    BBA – Accounting
    Class of 1975

  10. Neva Davis-Wright Says:

    This is a bunch of “hogwash.” I will never believe Coach Leach did anything wrong and that this was merely brought about by the “spoiled brat” mentality of Adam James. Such a shame for Tech’s football program and for impairing the reputation of a great coach and man!!

  11. A Tech Alum Says:

    Although I am interested in this story, I am not sure why your office is sending it to me. It sounds like a propaganda piece. Did you contact me before regarding earlier events in this saga? Anyway, I find the whole situation rather sad. Yes, Coach Leach has issues and was not that good of a coach (0 Big 12 titles in 10 years, etc.) despite what the sunshine pumpers say. I know Tech can do much better than him and I am excited about Tubs. However, a small part of me can’t help but feel sorry for Leach. He was railroaded with nasty, good ole boy politics for which Tech has become famous. So I believe that the parties named in his suit are not without guilt. They seem have chosen their egos over the good of the university, and to some extent, the football program. They succumbed to the pressure of a player’s high-profile father instead of just treating everyone equally and right in the situation. For the sake of Tech and its future, we need leaders who not only treat people properly, but have the right attitude and vision for the university in everything it does. They need to set goals and see to it that they are accomplished. For us alums, that includes seeing championships in football and the other sports with no more excuses. By the way, is Gerald Myers really going to retire this year? A lot of people are talking about it, but I get this feeling it isn’t going to happen.

  12. Kurt Fischer Says:

    So, does this mean the Doctor says Coach Leach’s treatment of Adam James further harmed his physical condition? It sounds more like Texas Tech has found an expert witness that agrees with its own position. It still doesn’t really respond to the central point about whether Coach Leach was mistreating James. It doesn’t place Leach’s treatment of James in the context of James’ continual lack of effort and desire for special treatment.

    I’m not impressed and feel that Texas Tech needs to “make it right” with Coach Leach.

  13. Andrew Tompkins Says:

    Please stop producing and distributing propaganda about this case. The damage has been done and I wish cooler heads would have prevailed. The courts need to decide the matter now and enough of this case has already played out in the media. It reflects poorly on the administration to continue to keep this case in the public realm. I wish I didn’t have to witness my University, the school I care deeply about, continue in a pissing contest when I’m sure there is plenty of blame to go around.

  14. Cari Says:

    As an alumni, I think Texas Tech, Kent Hance, and Gerald Myers should SETTLE the lawsuit, rather than try to dismiss it. It is about time that Texas Tech ADMIT it made the biggest mistake in Tech history by firing Mike Leach.

  15. ldsknack Says:

    what a joke. posturing. if it works then Perry is in deep. otherwise it goes till they settle or even better for the alumni, it goes to trial. no matter what happens if tubby loses then we will be rid of the myers gang, at last.

  16. Russ Patterson Says:

    Don’t get all full of yourselves. There are still a bunch of back stabbers there in the administration. I’ve written to the alumni association expressing my disgust. I hope this gets far enough up the ladder to make the same point. You will get no more money from me, alumni association included, until Hance and the rest of them involved in this mess are no longer with the university. Settle this. Pay Leach what you should have and make it go away with some credibility left in tact. Your little announcement is nothing to be proud of.

    Russ Patterson
    Kerrville, TX
    Class of ’84

  17. Terry D Knight '71 Says:

    I believe Dr Cantu. But I am still very upset by the way the Tech administration and Gerald Meyers handled the situation. It really looks to most people in my circles, that the University was looking for any way to get out paying the $800,000. Most universitys would have said, “We’ll look into this matter after the season has been completed”. Most Athletic Directors would not have folded under the pressure and probably threats from a patronizing father and one of the most detrimental personalties that ever played college football. “Bad Deal”. Mike Leach, good, bad, and Ugly bought football pride to Texas Tech that we will probably never it again see until the departure of Mr Meyers and Mr Hance. The facility growth that we are seeing comes from the talent of Mike Leach, it maybe quite embarassing to see it 1/2 full from now on.

  18. Chad Scott Clayton Says:

    It is a shame the way that the TTU figure heads have handled this entire situation. Wrong or right. The classless clowns title(sponsored by TAMU) comes to my mind and at this point is deserving. My season tickets have been canceled until further notice.

  19. Spoetzl Says:

    You can’t have it both ways, boys. Obviously he was fired for insubordination, or the whole issue of Coach hurting their feelings for not issuing a written apology would be moot. Conversely, if he was fired for mistreatment of a player, they wouldn’t keep harping on the insubordination.
    I keep hearing that what he did was wrong, but I have yet to hear one of the “experts” explain proper etiquette for dealing with a malcontent with a concussion.
    Looks to me like they are just throwing up as much bs as they can to see if any of it holds water, which we all know it won’t. Coach will be able to purchase half of Key West when this thing is over.
    …but thanks for sending the press release to all of the alumni!

  20. Harvey Says:

    Do you think Tech fans will be pleased with this? We know better.
    You’re just making me all angry again….at Tech. Shame on you. I hope you have to pay at least $4 million.

  21. Thad Decker Sr. Says:

    A paid witness says what you pay him to say. The judge should not dismiss the lawsuit. Pay up Texas Tech. You are the embarassment, not Leach.

  22. Jerry Says:

    I’m sure the University is right and there is no other side to this story.

  23. End game coming soon for Mike Leach vs. Texas Tech | Williams and Hyatt On Demand Says:

    [...] Here’s a link to the release: Tech filings. [...]

  24. Scream Says:

    So how is it that Dr Cantu, a neurological surgeon, becomes an expert on what other players would think? – “the extremely negative effect that this humiliating treatment of Adam James by Coach Leach most probably had on other members of the football team.” Why not ask the players? It’s the best evidence on this point and no judge should accept less.

  25. Gary Skrehart Says:

    The tragedy here is that Texas Tech was associated with Craig James and the James family. From the testimony you see a father unfairly using his position and power to influence coaching decisions. But you also realize that Coach Leach did not handle it well along with the Tech Athletic Department and Tech Administration.
    Craig James has now damaged two college sports programs.
    I will always support the university. It will just be more difficult now.
    I would hope the university will find a way to quietly settle with Leach and move on from here.
    Sad Days in Raiderland

  26. g r Says:


  27. Ken Pribyla Says:

    I hope they don’t succeed. They were wrong to dismiss him and they should be made to pay. What an arrogant bunch of jerks we have in charge of our once great institution. So very sad.

  28. JD Klaverweiden Says:

    oh PLLLLLEASE! What is this guy a psychologist or a neurologist! Ashley James brought this on himself and this new testimony is flawed in every sense.

  29. Ronald R. Sumner Says:

    I hope Mike Leach continues with the suit, wins it and brings Texas Tech to the edge of bankruptcy. Adam James should have been kicked off the team and his dad fired as a sports announcer long long ago. I longed to go to Texas Tech from the time I was 12 to 13 years old and graduated there in Electrical Engineering in 1969. I even played football against Donny Anderson in High School. What this University has done to Mike Leach is not excusable at all and the President and several other “higher ups” should be fired immediately or long ago. This one sports announcer and his son my James (who was not a very good football player anyway) will have cost this university millions and millions of dollars and the effect of their stupidity will linger on for years and years to come. What a very sad day for Texas Tech University and requardless of whatever the outcome, Mike Leach was wronged and this damage will never be completely gotten over, reguardless.

  30. w. taylor Says:

    This is so terrible, and and so wrong to try to weasel out of paying a contract. If Bob Knight was to do this, he would’ve had a small reprimand. I speak for many alumni, go Leach go!

  31. Larry Rossi Says:

    This has always been a closed case. Anyone who has ever taken a Human Resource Management class, would know that this is CLEARLY insubordination……END OF SUBJECT. If on the other hand you haven’t taken such a course nor ever been in a management position of hiring and firing, then you are poorly equipped to debate this issue. If you’re the head football coach or the janitor, if you repeatedly refuse to follow such a simple request from your BOSS…..END OF JOB. I understand that Mike probably didn’t really care for Adam, but he had so many other avenues to discipline him – by the way, what did Adam do to deserve the second entrapment in the darkness? As a physical therapist let me also offer this – if you don’t think having to stand in the dark for 3 hours is taxing on the neurological system, then simply do this………..stand on one leg with your eyes open……… stand on one leg with your eyes closed…..hope you didn’t hurt yourself. Basically, when you take visual feedback away, then your “brain” has to work “overtime” to maintain balance. Concussion with prolonged standing in the dark….probably not a good mix.

    There really is no case here.

    I kind of look at it this way….4th and 50 from your own 2 yard line in the first quarter against the University of Texas………Mike went for it in life just as he probably would in a game….bad call.

    Larry Rossi
    Season Ticket Holder
    Former Plainview Area Alumni President

    Go Raiders!

  32. Thomas Hunter Says:

    It is a shame they way the university has handled this whole situation. I will always be embarrassed by the schools actions, attitude, and protestations in this incident.

  33. Daniel Says:

    Because the school had cold feet and could not afford to pay Leach the salary he signed on for, they found an out. An otherwise unremarkable offense that most coaches would have either gotten a slap on the wrist or a fine. This turned out to be a golden opportunity to nullify the contract, save money, and go back to being a small college program that it was pre-1986. The cake has been had, but it won’t be eaten. Tech’s chances of ever going to a BCS bowl or even winning the South have been permanently extinguished. This will be a long lasting scar similar to the SMU death penalty. I love Texas Tech and always will, but it will never be the same. The most exciting brand of football the country has ever seen has been punted out of the Llano Estacado without careful thought as to what the consequences would be. Sure Leach may not have gotten along with the AD and his staff, but if you want a top rate coach, you have to put up with people like that. It is frankly the most imbecilic decision any sports program has ever made in history – killing the goose that laid the golden egg. I guess we will someday get excited about our first bowl in 9 years – a 6-5 team going to the Independence Bowl. And it may take a Garth Brooks reunion tour to fill all those extra new seats at Jones Stadium.

  34. Renee Pentecost Says:

    This “new information” is just more of the same manufactured excuses for a corrupt administration to try and hide behind. I continue to be embarassed to claim Texas Tech as my alma mater. In the end a great school and its past, present, and future alumni will pay for this enormus bungle.

  35. Martha Beach Says:

    What Tech did to Leach was shameful. I do not agree with the wanting to drop Leach’s case.
    Myers, Bailey,Hance and Bingham need to be fired. Leach was one of the best things that happened to the football team. Tech just didn’t want to pay the money he deserved. MB

  36. Roger Gault Says:

    This is the best we can do? Oh please. We would be better off just staying silent rather than releaseing this kind of weak stuff.

  37. Tim Daniel Says:

    To the Tech Administration,

    I am a Tech Alum and have two children who are also alums. I’ve had a vested interest in Texas Tech for 40 years and have worn my Double T with pride………..until last January when the University terminated Mike Leach.

    Your attempt to spin the situation in this Email has totally and utterly failed with me. I could write reams of text concerning the matter, but choose not to waste my time. The internal vendetta against Mike Leach should have been handled in a different manner by the Administration.

    I fully expect Leach to get a healty settlement from Tech before this is all over and support his efforts in doing so as just and proper. In truth, it will be settled out of court and most of us will never know the true sum at final conclusion, but Tech will pay in the end.

    As for me, I have decided to terminate any and all support, morally and otherwise, until the current situation is settled to MY satisfaction. Yes, I feel this strongly about the way the situation was handled. Not because I am a staunch Leach fan, but because I believe a good man and Coach was wronged.

    Let’s just let the Courts decide this one. Don’t expect your attempt to parlay the “Court of Public Opinion” to influence me. Continue to play the game the way you are playing and you will continue to lose with me and many other alums. SETTLE WITH LEACH HONORABLY AND LET US ALL GET ON DOWN THE ROAD.

    Tim Daniel
    Class of ’74

  38. Rodny Hand Says:

    I am a 1985 graduate of TTU and as such have nothing but the best interest of TTU at heart. However, I have a few comments about this mail alert sent to the alumni base today.

    1. Anyone who has been in any type of high level business and therefore involved in any type of civil lawsuit knows that filing a motion to dismiss is a “matter of course” tactic for all lawyers in just about all cases.

    2. The affidavit of a “professional expert” hardly “further validates Texas Tech’s position” in this case and furthermore Dr. Cantu’s is hardly an expert on how the treatment of Adam James will affect the other players…as he certainly was not present to have any background as to Adam James relationship to the other team members. And does not report himself a psychologist of any type. These types of misleading headlines on press releases lacking any real new information based in fact are usually reserved for ambulance chasing lawyers and is certainly not becoming for the legal representative of a major American University. And it breaks the first commandment of mass communication (only distribute news that is credible and speaks to the target audience) its very make up the alumni group is educated and will likely see through this “non–event”.

    3. Ironically as a Mass Communications professional who learned the academics of my craft at TTU I find it not only inappropriate for TTU to communicate this type of non-substance hype to its alumni base but as a professional communicator I can tell you it screams “desperation”. One does not have to be a public relations expert to see this is an attempt to sway an obvious angry alumni base. And, or the record the alumni base is not angry Mike Leach was fired, the alumni base is angry because the small number of individuals responsible for the mishandling of this situation (the involved administrators and regents) have made TTU look like a back water community college in the national media, and have demonstrated an appalling determination to put their own careers, and egos ahead of TTU’s reputation. Not to mention an apparent lack of understanding of why that reputation means so much to the graduates of TTU.

    4. It saddens me to witness TTU, an institution that has graduated so many of the state’s and the even the country’s most prolific mass communicators, fail to get their heads around the basic tenets of crises communication. It seems the current administration and Board of Regents (regardless of who wins the court battle) in only a few short months has managed to undue decades of work by so many who have helped elevate the reputation of TTU. All the while in the process, have put distrust in the hearts of the alumni base that will not soon fade.

    In My opinion, because the largest stake holders in TTU are not these few individuals but rather the hundreds-of-thousands of graduates of TTU, the only way TTU will win back its alumni base and begin to heal its national reputation is for the administrators and regents involved to admit that regardless of whether Mike Leach was guilty of mistreating a player or not (we all know this will never be proved conclusively one way or another) that they as professionals in their capacity should have handled the situation differently and for the long term good of TTU will step aside.

    The choice is clear, will these individuals demonstrate the integrity they claim by putting the greater good of TTU first as they have vowed to do, or will they continue to tear apart the Rader Nation in pursuit of their own self interest?

    Rodney Hand
    Publisher/Editor -in-Chief
    Addison and the north dallas corridor media group

  39. Scott Parvino Says:

    I think both parties are at fault. The problem is both parties are to damn proud to sit down and discuss it like adults. The Texas Tech football will most likely revert back to being happy with a 500 season.

  40. james forrest Says:

    If Tech is basing their defense on Adam James’s concussion then he shouldn’t be playing football at all until this lawsuit gets resolved. Don’t give him a full scholarship when that could be used by a healthy player. Both parties in this case screwed up. Tech should settle out of court or go to arbitration otherwise the fatcat attorneys will bleed both sides for years. For a school that sells season tickets for $150 I don’t think they can afford it. I know, take away funds for the engineering lab and use it on attorneys!

  41. Fred Snyder Says:

    While I do not support lawsuits in general, in this case I am on Coach Leach’s side. His treatment of Adam James in no way was “humiliating” nor “unconscionable”. Indeed, James was pampered his father, an ex-college star (and close bud of Myers) who was meddling in Coach Leach’s football program. In days past, James would probably have been more severely punished for his lack of performance and poor attitude by both father and coach. Further, Coach Leach was never popular with his bosses who saw this as an opportunity to remove him. What Tech did shames me. And now you want to cry on the alum’s shoulders for being sued? Give me a break. You might be surprised to find out just how many ex-students are against you with this.

  42. Bob Ferguson Says:

    I understand Tech’s position, they are trying to get out of a costly financial settlement. This action will only open the terrible wound that happened and pour salt in it again.
    Coach Leach did have some fault but so did the admininstation, make a damn settlement and get on down the road!

  43. ErinCarmichael Agee Says:

    I am Tech graduate, Class of 1999, still living in in Lubbock with my family. I don’t go to Tech games however I did watch them on TV and probably still will because I love college football. But let me just say this – Tech has gone to a new level and I am ashamed to tell people that I graduated from there. This gets me to limit- and shows no class by sending out all of this. I would expect it from the administration because this firing has showed there class but now to include the alumni staff in helping to try to win the case is horrible. I hope one day that the integrity is restored back to University that I was so proud l to have graduated from- But you are a long way off after this…..

  44. Steven W '91 Says:

    Fire Hance and Myers.

    Payoff Leach.

    Start working on getting your Alumni back, all those of us who get your mailers, write LEACH on them and mail them back empty.

  45. Clay Says:

    How much money did Jim Sowell pay this guy?

  46. Rick Phillips Says:

    How much more money is the University going to spend to try to clean up a mess created by your incompetent leadership, a prima donna who should never have been at a Division one school and his narcissistic father? Quit spending my money and pay Leach what you owe and lets get on. Maybe the next generation will forget what you fools have done. You will never find another coach who graduated as many football players as Leach. That tells me enough about his integrity. I see NO integrity shown by my Alma Mater.

  47. brad schrader Says:

    yes as a TECH alum – i would ask that you STOP posting this Leach stuff – keep it in the Court room . Both sides are at fault .

  48. John S. '00 Says:

    Arr, me Hearties,

    why must the powers be a placin a black spot on our beloved Buccaneer?!
    We Alums should be takin the Cat o’nine tails to the admininstration for bringin in a such a scallywag to be a testifyin’
    Those Lily-livered landlubbers should be a givin Leach his share of the Doubloons, or they will Keelhaul the reputation of Tech
    and be a sendin the program to Davey Jones Locker!
    Rise Up Me mateys!

  49. William Herrmann Says:

    Like many others, I feel embarrassed by the actions of this administration. Coach Leach may not have been the easiest person with whom to work, but he was extraordinarily successful and it was back-stabbing to deny him the he bonus he earned. I will not be sending any additional funding if this is the kind of leadership it supports. It was unconscionable that Adam James came through this unscathed.

  50. Lana Stormont Says:

    Too humilitation as a Tech Alum.
    Lana Jenkins Stormont

  51. Bill Williams Says:

    I’m a member of the class of ’65. When I heard of Mike Leach’s being fired, it was from my 88 year old mother who was fuming at Tech’s stupidity. I have to agree with her. It’s amazing how people charged with educating our future leaders can do such stupid things! If being put in a dark room hurt James’ self image, too bad.

  52. Chris Stacy Says:

    This just reaffirms my reasoning for not renewing my Alumni Association membership. Sorry Dr. Dean and I feel bad for the current students all this is effecting!

  53. Shel Harrison Says:

    Texas Tech has allowed this event to become a public joke. I am a loyal Red Raider and am ashamed of how Coach Leach was treated. He has done more for Texas Tech football than any previous coach and more or less put Tech Football in the National media. The leadership at Texas Tech starting with Chancellor Hance and Gerald Myers need to step down or be replaced. Adam James was disciplined for his behavior, and Coach Leach was fired because others used this event to remove someone who they did not like. Texas Tech needs to pay Coach Leach, get rid of the current Athletic Director, and cut James.

  54. Paul Madison Says:

    This mass mailing proves one thing and one thing only! That our Administration is a bunch of idiots and clueless.

    The reason why Alumni is upset has nothing in reality to do with what Leach did or did not do. Basically Leach is a non effect personality in this whole farce. The problem is the unprofessional and highly ignorant leadership. Actually lack of leadership is more accurate.

    Anyone who has run a business and definitely anyone who has run a large corporation will tell you that the Administration is a bunch of nitwits. Do the Alumni a favor and fire the three stooges wannabees. There are no less than 8 people in the Administration that should resign immediately or be fired. Though most people know who the famous three are.

    Yes, Tech has a new coach for football and nothing will ever change that into the near future. But the truth is that Tech has the worst AD in the nation. Heck, Motley County AD would be a better choice over Myers. I would venture there are thousands of Alumni who are more qualified than Myers for the AD. I never understood why Myers was given the AD in the first place. Myers was a horrible coach and has proven time and again that he is an idiot when it comes to dealing with national spotlight issues.

    The best any Alumni can ask for is that Tech make a legit offer to Mike Leach for him to go away quietly. Followed quickly with a new AD and Administration which is more respectable and definitely more honorable. The truth is that the current Administration has caused more damage to the University than any other event or person in its history. My question is echoed by all Alumni. Where are the pink slips for the morons in the Administration?

    By the way, this mass mailing of this so called moronic news does nothing but piss off the Alumni and does not bring healing. Its just one more glaring example of stupidity from the top hoping to that people will cheer for their so called “New News”. There is nothing new in the report. Its just an expert whom they went out and found who would back up what they hoped would be good enough defense. No, all the Administration has done is adding more fuel to the fire of an angry Alumni base.

    You want to fill Jones Stadium in the Fall? Fire Myers, Baily and Hance. Also, hand out the pink slips to the other morons who thought that this kind of mass mailings was a good thing.

  55. Jim Carruthers '78 Says:

    I have reviewed the 37 posts above. Do you get the pattern? 100% of the Alumni are in opposition to the course the Administration has taken. Further, in the latest Techsan issue Bill Dean belittles an alum “female caller” who had the audacity to oppose the Administration and threatened to withhold $$. She must have been at the small potatoes end of the alumni spectrum listed in those pages. Better yet let’s revise those clasifications to “inner sanctum” (beyond platinum) and “those who are kidding themselves”- call us Spuds. I was one of the 500 Bill Dean emailed and was actually suprised and pleased that he did. I had decided to keep an open mind because the benefits to students is not lost on me- I have 3 there right now (one about to graduate). The problem has been that until today we had been given no voice, hence the threats to withhold funds. Is the firing of Mike Leach, football, and “games” in general a big deal?- I don’t know ask the hotels and restaurants in Lubbock if they are. What this episode has exposed is the culture at the top of TTU that coninues to exist with all the transparency you’d expect from the directors of a cotton co-op. WE ARE A TIER ONE UNIVERSITY or so I’ve been told, the Administration (regents on down) needs start acting like it- come clean on this deal.

  56. Allen L. Stidger Says:

    I am Lubbock native, lifelong Texas Tech fan, 75′ graduate, and 84′ graduate of Texas Tech Law School. And, I have never been so ashamed of Texas Tech. I am an attorney and I understand the need to get your message out, but for Texas Tech to use this media in an attempt to “try it’s case in the public” (at least the alumni) is a disgrace. I believe this email is the second worst mistake that this administration has made. (The biggest mistake was Chancellor Hance going national TV and lambasting Coach Leach for being “hard headed.”) The biggest mistake Coach Leach ever made was not kicking Adam James off the team after he slammed the assistant coach’s door so hard he broke it. Not only do I believe this email was a bad idea, I think it is likely a misuse of public funds and thereby illegal.

  57. Derek Morrow Says:

    There are two sides to this conflict and it is disingenuous for the Alumni Association to act as a mouthpiece for the matter on behalf of the University. After reviewing the case, no one comes out of this clean. This alum would rather move on than once again be reminded of what puts Tech in the news.

  58. Paul Murray Says:

    It’s pretty evident that the Tech administration screwed up. Hance, Meyers and Bailey should have listened to what the majority of alumni wanted and believed. We alumni were largely ingnored with no voice to be heard when all this was going down. I seriously doubt were ready to listen to these claims at this point. All 3 need to leave the university for the betterment of Tech Tech.

  59. Jeff Harrison Says:

    As a proud graduate of the Texas Tech Law School who has enthusiastically supported the football program for many years, I can only say that the University has reached new lows. I am now embarrassed to say that I support the University. No matter how the University wants to spin the facts to make it appear that Coach Leach was wrong, there was absolutely nothing done that justified the University’s treatment and firing of him in such a manner after all that he has done for the University. The excitement and success that Coach Leach brought directly to the football program and indireclty to the University over his term there was priceless and will likely take decades to rebuiild if it can even be done at all. I have regularly brought my family of 5 to Lubbock from Dallas for Tech games in spite of the exorbitant cost of the tickets. Now I wouldn’t make the trip if the tickets were $5 each. It will take the University many years to win back the support of a large number of alums after the awful mishandling of this matter.
    It is time for the University to start the healing process by: (1) ceasing its attempt to further smear the name of Coach Leach, who did more for the University in 10 years than all of the other athletic coaches and directors ever did for the University, (2) firing Gerald Meyers, who has been the root of the problem with Coach Leach for many years, and (3) promptly settling this lawsuit with Coach Leach.

  60. DJ Says:


  61. james ahrens Says:

    I will probably need to think about declaring a moratorium on my alumni contributions to Tech and the Alumni association in light of this spectacle. I am appalled at the soap opera aspect this thing has taken on and how much money (paid for by our taxes and donations) is apparently being wasted. Perhaps it is time to find a more professional organization to support.

  62. Ben A. Says:

    DO NOT FORWARD THIS JUNK TO ME! This only reminds me of why I WILL NOT renew my alum membership next year, and why my children will not attend TTU. This story just confirms that TTU is a cracker jack joke. The fact that you forward this to alum is hilarious. Did you expect everyone to say..”Oh wow an NFL Concussion expert!” and just forget what Hance and the other good ole boys did to Leach. I had really almost forgotten about how TTU crumbled at the call of C. James and his joke of son, but now I fully remember. What an embarrassment.

  63. Ralph Armendariz Says:

    Bring Coach Leach back as the offensive coordinator, give him the bonus he earned and lets get this program into the BCS spotlight!

  64. PSII Says:

    This is rediculous. So you send an email showing that the James’ family has someone else in their back pocket to try to save the grace of TTU. Give me a break. That kid should have transfered to SMU a long time ago. He has destroyed TTU Football and now you have destroyed any confidence your alumni had in TTU Football. In my opinion along with it seems 70-90% of your alumni you did the wrong thing in firing the best coach we ever had and then ended up losing our Defensive Coordinator as well. What are you guys thinking. I am ashamed of the way this issue was conducted. The James kid was a disruption to the TTU Football team and in my opiion you were more worred about losing his Father’s donations. I hope you have learned a valuable lesson, because I know you have lost alot of alumni donations and support due to your descisions. Do not forward me anymore of this irrelevant jargon of TTU trying to save face.

  65. clint castleberry Says:

    Go to court let the court decide. Gerald Myers will kiss up to his friends such as bobby knight who could do what ever pleased with no problems. Mike Leach filled the stadium no one else You owe him for we would not have the football plant we now have if not for the winningest coach we have ever had and we have had some losers over the years. Such as moore, sloan. king. Fight the suit or pay him Just stand for something and move on.

  66. Jake Freeman '09 Says:

    Adam James is a nancy with a temper tantrum who ran to his daddy when he got his feelings hurt. Very unfortunate how Tech slammed Coach Leach. Very disapointing to me, and by the looks of the posts above this one, to the alumni body as a whole.

  67. George Washington Says:

    How much money did this administration spend on Dr. Cantu? He certainly said what he was paid to say. I cannot tell a lie: this administration has embarassed all of the alumni.

  68. Steve Hilliard Says:

    Beyond the obvious legal posturing it appears that the first salvo months ago came from the University. As soon as they were served they claimed that since Texas Tech was a state school and supported by the State Legislature that it was imune from lawsuits. If so, why would anyone ask for a Contract and why were there any contract negotiations with Leach earliler. Shame on you Texas Tech for being such cowards. My money goes elsewhere too.

  69. Don Roberts Says:

    As a 1966 graduate of TT, I enjoyed watching David Parks and Donny Anderson play football. Unfortunately, they played on teams that normally had loosing seasons. No bowl games, no national rankings, no publicity, no nothing.

    My son is also a graduate of TT and a fanatic when it comes to TT sports…or shoud I say – WAS fanatic about TT sports. After the way Kent Nance handled the Leach situation, both of us are ashamed of our university – no, not of our university, but of the people who run it. There was only 1 more game in the season – the situation was not national news except for Craig James. Problems should be solved at the top – not started at the top.

    It should have been handled quietly then and certainly should not be handled with headlines now!
    Quit pouring salt in the wound and let it heal. I hope to see TT sports in the headlines for its great teams, not for its legal battles. Get rid of Kent Hance.

  70. Nicole Says:

    I am a proud Texas Tech graduate, but the manner in which my school is handling this situation is embarrasing. I do not see how this information is going to persuade anyone who is not already on your side to change their opinions. All it is doing is reawakening the hurt that was caused when this whole thing initiated. You know, I haven’t been to the Leach facebook page in quite some time, I might need to go back and see how they are doing there, and if they need help. This email was insulting!

  71. Robert Hardy, III DVM Says:

    Shame on you Texas Tech. What a pitiful way to try for damage control. I hope Leach bankrupts you. You’re not fooling anyone. You did the same thing when you fired James Dickey in favor of Bobby Knight. Everyone involved needs to be fired. I will no longer support the school until you do this. You stink!

  72. Mary Ellen Anderson Phillips Says:

    As a 1977 graduate of Texas Tech, Ex-Students Association Member and a (former) proud Alumnus, I am, for the first time in my adult life, ashamed of my Alma Mater. How ashamed I am about all this effort to cover up a BAD decision of the Administration. This so-called player should have been given the BOOT when he first threw his temper tantrum. I have taken all Texas Tech emblems and insignia off my walls and out of my closet. Shame on the Administration. What stupidity! I will mail all further money requests back to Tech with LEACH written on the empty envelope as a previous alum posted! I also agree…FIRE HANCE and MEYERS! And take my name off the list of alums to whom you send financial requests. My two sons are about to graduate from Texas Tech. No one else in my family will ever be encouraged to attend Tech. I am done with you! You fired the biggest money maker Tech had ever brought in. Smile as you watch those dollars evaporate!

    Mary Ellen (Anderson) Phillips
    BA Psychology 1977
    Coldwell Banker Ellen Phillips Realtors
    Big Spring, TX 79720

  73. Jim Carruthers '78 Says:

    Sorry one more comment that I’d like to submit for quote of the day.
    Never has Striving for Honor required stepping over so much bs.
    Thank you, I’m done venting now.

  74. Tee'd Off Says:

    Tech, you should be ashamed! You must think all your students and alumni are as dumb as yourselves. Don’t litter my mailbox with your last stitch effort to hide the fact that you conspired against the best coach to coach at TECH. I have lost nearly all my respect for my university… which I’m so sad to admit. You must realize your students and alumni have one thing that the Chancellor and AD lack…. COMMON SENSE! If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat…. It is pretty darn sure a rat! You have embarassed me as an alumni on a national scale, and now I hope the AD is wipped clean. Lets get some fresh faces along with Tubby…. and I’m hoping for Mike Leach’s name to be cleared. I have cancelled my donations… and will re-instate them upon the termination of Hance and Myers.
    Still mad,

    TTU alumni 08′

  75. Charlie Cunningham Says:

    This is despicable! Please don’t play into the hands of the administration by forwarding this type of propaganda! The school has embarrased us enough…there’s no need for the Alumni Association to embarrass us more. This will be decided in the courts not in the rumor mills or by the embarrasing “spin” that the administration is trying!

  76. Steven Jacques Says:

    STOP with the propoganda, TTU. You’ve managed to bumble this in a more egregious way than NBC handled the Leno/O’Brien affair. Stop insulting our intelligence. You’ve dug a deep enough hole already, your credibility is in the tank.

  77. Cindy Spess '95 Says:

    This is nothing but further propaganda from TTU around this issue. Please do not think the entire alumni is interested in this biased report. Leach put TTU football on the map and you’ve taken a resolveable conflict public and made our football program look like second rate JV organization. TTU has clearly shown the public that we dont care to compete w/programs like the University of Texas and it’s sad and embarrassing to me. Mike Leach was the best thing to happen to TTU football and all his great efforts have been undone. This is a joke and stop using your platform to further propogate your lies.

  78. Ron Krueger '69 BS TTU Says:

    For misuse of public funds fire Myers,Hance, and Baily

  79. Clay Renfroe Says:

    The problem with this case is not that Adam James was ever put into any danger or that he was abused in anyway. If he would have acted in a responsible manner by not flaunting the fact that he was missing practice due to an injury, which brought into question whether he was truly injured at all. And had a history of loafing and finding ways to miss practice, this incident would not have occured. However, this case hinges on the fact that Mike Leach was insubordinate to his bosses! Mike forgot that he did not own the Football team and he answered to higher authorities of the University other than himself. Mike told Kent Hance to (expletive) himself, when Kent was trying to find a resolution to the situation. In all of my careers that I have had I have never been allowed to tell the CEO or President of a company to (expletive) themselves. I have witnessed people being discharged for offenses similiar to these. Texas Tech needs to focus on the insubordination and not the whining of a malcontent. We as alumni need to support Coach Tuberville, he is a class act and deserves a chance to help take Texas Tech to the next level. I like Mike Leach and considered him a friend. His style went contrary to the norms, which I also liked. He is a great coach and I wish him well! Just like Ruffin McNeil said at the Alamo Bowl, when asked what he would tell Mike, “I Love You Man”

    Clay Renfroe
    Football 1980 – 83
    Class of 85′


    what about the newest revelation that Myers and Tubberville have been in ‘talks” for over a year now?? and that tommy already had his kids enrolled in friendship schools before leach was fired???

  81. Stella LoPachin 88 Says:

    Nice job Tech. Once again you have riled up the masses. This issue continues to be an embarrassment to all of us who have ever been associated with Tech. I support and agree with 64 of 65 of the comments posted. This university’s administration continues to sink to new levels everyday. My pride in being a Red Raider faded when Myers was named the AD, it disappeared completely when Myers, et al. fired Leach just before his bonus was due and it will continue to be in the past until the current administration bows out and disappears themselves.

  82. Angel Collins Says:

    I too was apalled at the handling of Coach Leach – I was proud of the accomplishments he did have during his tenure, perhaps we never got a Big 12 Championship, but we did go to bowl games every year. I have rescinded my alumni membership and unless my highschool graduate decides to go this year, I won’t be renewing – and I told the Alumni Association why.

  83. David Vorwald Says:

    To be fair, I would request that Texas Tech and the Alumni Association post and forward to its members Coach Leach’s RESPONSE to Texas Tech’s Motion to Dismiss, when it is filed.

    David Vorwald, JD
    Texas Tech Class of ’78

  84. Chet Gray '03 Says:

    What an insult. I have said this and I will continue. Until Hance and Myers are fired or leave I will no longer be supporting Texas Tech. I love the school and am embarrased at the way we treated Leach. I can’t believe Tech would think that sending out this e-mail regarding their expert witness it would help their credibility in any way. How sad.

  85. idk Says:

    I don’t know, but it sounds like they should have fired the team physician and hired this world renowned neuronut. Didn’t the team doc recommend isolation away from bright lights? Not to mention the vid bratty james made punting fun at the whole ordeal. Follow the money to see who’s at fault.

  86. Greg Humphries Says:

    Judging from the above responses I would say that this press release has been somewhat of a failure on the administrations behalf. If the intent was to please the alumni you could not have been more wrong. Yes, both parties have some fault. And yes, as others have pointed out, if you just intended to fire Leach for insubordination (not apologizing) then just call it that.

    I have not yet pulled my support from the university, but if this type of stupidity continues I probably will.

    Greg Humphries
    BBA Marketing ’73

  87. Scott Voss Says:

    Really? Does TTU administration really think alumni is stupid? Maybe so. Who in the Office of Communications and Marketing thought this woudl be a good e-mail to send out?

    Tech will not be a Tier 1 university anytime soon. TTU administration dangling that recently has been insulting. If they really wanted to be Tier 1, they would be. It’s not something to work for, it’s something long overdue.

    I don’t care if Adam had a broken leg. Leach’s verbal reaction doesn’t matter either. Having a player placed in the media room or the equipment garages while they have a concussion seems like a great idea to me.

    The real issue here is that there are published e-mails from TTU administration months ahead of this talking about firing Leach. That’s ok also. Fire him. But don’t use this petty concussion excuse as your reason. Just say it. “Leach was great for the University but now we need someone to take us to the next level”. Is that so hard?

    This Red Raider will not be satisfied until Tech says “We don’t like Leach, we need someone to take us to the next level in football, we’re paying him the money he deserved for last season, goodbye Leach”.

    This is also insulting to Tuberville. So Tuberville was only hired to replace the coach that screwed up? What a joke. I bet Tuber is really annoyed with this. I bet he’s worried that just before he takes Tech to a national title the administration will fire him. What a good way to welcome a coach; ensure he has one foot out the door the whole time he’s here.

  88. Tee'd Off Says:

    Email the communications director: Sally Post

  89. Cheryl S., BA 1975 Says:

    I am appalled and ashamed of the leaders of my alma mater. Your communication to all of us about this motion to dismiss is sheer tripe. Do not call upon me for any monetary donations to an institution who would support the current regime. I wash my hands of it until Hance, Meyers and their ilk are gone. Tech deserves far better.

  90. Victor Castillo Says:

    I understand the “drama” around this situation….but let’s have more updates on Tier 1 status, how and what the University is doing on research, etc….information relevant to the University and the quality of programs. Leach is history, there’s more to Tech than football and athletics. Make it known!

  91. Proud RedRaider Says:

    email the chancellors office

  92. Charles M. Baldwin Says:

    Through the years, I have been proud to call Texas Tech my graduate alma mater. The debacle with Coach Mike Leach only elicited from me, a monumental disappointment in Tech’s administration. Because the communication prompting this reply comes from one party in a pending lawsuit, I am reluctant to put much stock in it. Your (Tech administration) handling of the whole affair including this email to all alumni has been an embarrassment to Texas Tech and its various publics. How could you let one “helicopter parent” who admittedly has some national visibility unduly influence the deliberations, judgement, and actions of those entrusted with leading Texas Tech to greater prominence as a Tier 1 research institution of higher education? It does seem to this observer that key administrators have let themselves be diverted from their primary responsibilities. In the future, I will continue to support programs in chemistry at Texas Tech, particularly, the lecture series honoring Professor Henry Shine (Horn Professor). I will always be indebted to him for modeling excellence in the practice of a professional in the chemical enterprise. He was a superb mentor, teacher, and friend from whom I received the best possible training in chemistry and life, in general. I only wish that the same kind of excellence could be found in Tech’s present administration.

    Charles M. Baldwin PhD FRSC
    Texas Tech – 1970

  93. Steve Wade, Class of '93 Says:

    I agree with everyone else that has posted a response. Fire Gerald Myers. His back room good ol’ boy antics ruined the women’s basketball program and have now brought shame on our proud university. I have canceled my Red Raider Club membership until Myers is gone. I was supporting the Alumni Association since it supported academics instead of athletics. Now, however, it has been brought into the circus. We all received a first class education at Texas Tech University. To think that we are incapable of deductive reasoning is a slap in the face. The Alumni Association will now no longer receive any money from me until the truth comes out, Myers and Hance are fired and the Alumni Association gets a backbone and stands up for the HONOR of being a Red Raider.

  94. M. R. Clag Says:

    I made my annual contribution in 2009 (and got my employer to match it), but have now told the telemarketers three times I am withholding my 2010 donations until Gerald is gone. I figure there are truths to both sides, and there are lies with both sides. I know ESPN is benefitting mightily. At one time I wished success for Leach, Hance, Myers, Bailey, and both James, but now all have just become stale embarrassments.

    I bought tickets to three football games last year, but I think I will sit this year out.

  95. JWW Says:

    Another reason I am not nor will I ever give a cent to Texas Tech. They got enough money from me when I went there and then they screw up the only thing worth having pride in – the football program.

  96. David Surratt Says:

    The Administration still does not get it. You get out of a hole by quit digging. The great majority of alumni are in the Leach camp. They need to settle this all quietly and move on.
    David Surratt
    Class of 84

  97. MG Class of 2000 Says:

    If the plea to jurisdiction did not get dismiss what makes you think this motion to dismiss will get granted? Right now I am researching case law on a defendant’s motion to dismiss based on a speedy trial. Good luck to me and good luck to Tech. Those motions rarely get granted.
    I am also appalled by this propaganda. Please do not send me anymore emails regarding your trial tactics. We can see right through our association of how desperate you look against Leach’s lawsuit. I am also ashamed that you spent more money against this lawsuit on an expert witness. Leach will probably have more expert witnesses than your biased Dr. Cantu. I agree with the majority of the comments left by our Alumni, fire the dimwit Scrooges and pay Leach off. This is the first step in reaching out to the Alumni. Until my school takes responsibility I will not attend anymore Tech games or support our school. I use to be such a strong Texas Tech supporter until my school stabbed me in the back by a few selfish leaders last year. Do what is right.
    Still angry,

  98. Charles Bell 72 Says:

    Texas Tech acts like Craig James was maimed or injured. The lethargic slug is still malfunctioning at his normal rate.
    Shame on the administration for fouling up this situation. I’ll miss Leach.

    Don’t call me for donations.

  99. AP Says:

    Ignore these ignorant team leach folks. Keep doing what you are doing! There are thousands of alumni and fans behind this administration, as evidenced by more season ticket sales to date than last year! Bye, leachers!

  100. Tiner Says:

    Texas Tech Football is set-back 10 years, all because of big ego’s in the administration.

    I remember Craig James and Eric Dickerson coming to Lubbock and winning on the last play of the game. I didn’t like him (James) then and I don’t like him now, and I think his son is a spoiled brat.

  101. Brent Says:

    It is kind of funny how a punk (I can think of no more fitting term) named Adam with a ‘my daddy’s tougher than you’ attitude can be allowed to create such hardship for so many. Watching him and his expression in the Alamo Bowl showed exactly what was behind the issue. Perhaps a stint in the marines would help him – as his time at TTU has clearly failed.

    I will say that what he has learned from this is not in keeping with the attitudes Texas Tech instilled in me.

    Perhaps the Board of Governers could rethink their position when the next punk emerges…..


  102. HouAlumn Says:

    I hope coach Leach gets a ton of money from my ex university. This is not the way grown men handle a situation. This has been handled by a bunch of power-hungry idiots on the Llano Estacado. What a cover up! Pathetic attempt to discredit someone who put Texas Tech on the map and made Tech a competitor every year with the normally dominate UT and OU. Leach also created a national recognition for Tech which is lost on a bunch ego manics in a small town who want to be the big fish. What a stupid decision! Now Tech can go back to being a mediocre so-so competitor in the Big-12. Get in line behind KSU, ISU, KU and Baylor.

  103. jeren Says:

    Dr. Cantu may be more than qualified to call Adam James’ headache a concussion. In what way is his opinion about the “negative effect felt by the other players” appropriate? This type of article is why the administration is so easy to loathe. Every article, every quote, and every press conference highlights OPINIONS sought by the school intended to point out character flaws in Coach Leach. Just handle your business like men. This behavior is embarrassing and trite.


  104. gary schessler Says:

    If I really care about football, I’d be watching some team other than Texas Tech. The program has been breaking students’ and alums’ hearts forever. I will support the school financially for academics, not for sports. If you only care about the athletics, you are letting the tail wag the dog. If you really want to get behind an athletic program, support the Women’s Lacrosse team instead!

  105. Travis McClure, Class of '85 Says:

    I agree with the overwhelming majority who think that the egomaniacs (Hance, Bailey, Myers and Board of Regents) who caused this mess are the ones who need to be fired. Leach took Tech football from a perennial “also-ran” to a program that could not only stand up to, but could beat the vastly better funded top tier programs (UT, OU, etc). Leach made me proud to know that during football season, the UT, OU and A&M alums in my office actually were careful not to talk too much trash, because they knew that we, more likely than not, would beat them. The fact that Leach was “abnormal” for a coach is what made him so cool to me. I met him once at an alumni function and he was as nice and friendly as he could be……contrary to the picture that the administration paints of him.

    The firing of Coach Leach was very clearly a premeditated, orchestrated event……all that was needed was a reason, and Adam James supplied that. It is pitiful when the Tech Administration backs a spoiled brat rich kid with a famous daddy (who isn’t famous for his football playing, by the way), instead of the
    best and most successfull coach they’ve ever had……a coach that put Tech football in the national conversation. It won’t be long before I’ll get another phone call or email from Tech wanting money……and I intend to tell them what many here have said: that as long as Hance, Bailey and Myers remain in any capacity, they won’t get any donation and/or alumni membership from me. I’m sure many of you got the email recently where Tech is now charging for previously free parking during football games, for spaces that were so far away you just about had to pack a sleeping bag to camp out on the way. You’d think with the $800,000 bonus they saved by firing Coach Leach, they could have at least kept the free parking. But it doesn’t matter to me, because as long as the 3 stooges are there, I won’t be going to any games.

  106. Jeff Boncek Says:

    Do not send me anymore of this nonsense Texas Tech. Your pathetic attempt at legal postuering with some expert’s opinion will have no effect in getting the case dismissed, since that is a fact issue to be decided by a jury. A jury that I hope scorches the university for a vast some of money, which Mike Leach is due. It is plainly obvious that the administration wanted Mike Leach terminated in order to aviod paying the bonus he was due. Congratulations geniuses Tech football has been relegated to second-class status in the Big 12 again just as we were on the cusp of becoming a solid national program. I refuse to support the university with any financial assistance until Hance, Myers and Adam James are gone.

    Jeff Boncek, JD
    Class of 2001

  107. Ronny Says:

    What’s funny to me about this whole mess is that I have seen nothing on how James got the concussion. I was told by a reliable source that it had nothing to do with football and that he got the crap beat out of him at a bar. Maybe that needs to be brought out.

    I do not think that the matter was handled correctly by the administration and am sorry for the black eye it has given to our school. Sounds to me like a disgruntled player with a high powered daddy, and administration saw a way to keep from having to pay a big bonus.

  108. ak Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was as concerned with the quality of the Tech graduates and their ability to find great jobs after graduation … just an idea!

  109. Kathleen Kirchoff Says:

    I think all the parties involved are behaving badly and they put a damper on my RED RAIDER pride. I guess the money wasted on all of this explains why my daughter’s scholarship offers were 100 times better at 3 other universities. Law suits and big bonuses for athletics are wasted funds when there are real academic needs to get tier one status. So as Tech alums it grieves my husband and me, to see our daughter become an Aggie. we pray that Tech returns to its senses before our youngest chooses a college.
    Class ’82

  110. Blake Miller, Class of '76 Says:

    I graduated from Tech. My deceased father graduated from Tech. My deceased mother graduated from Tech. My stepmother graduated from Tech. My deceased fraternity pledge brother and former chair of the Tech BoR, graduated from Tech. Of this I am certain: all of us, living and dead, are embarrassed. As my brother, the Longhorn, so aptly put it, “those (expletive deleted) guys out at Tech sure are dumb”.

  111. James Martin Says:

    Leach is gone. I hope he gets nothing. I was a fan while he was here and don’t care a bit about him now that he’s gone. All I will say is this: A division 1 college football coach needs to be above being petty & small minded and Coach Leach was all those things to Adam James. Reading through the depositions, it’s almost like Leach speaks a whole other language than everyone else in the world. He can’t imagine why what he did wasn’t ok, and I think he truley (but wrongly) believes that he did the right thing.

  112. Sally Gardner Says:

    I think we should ask for the resignation of Kent Hance, Guy Bailey and Gerald Myers. Your entire student body and almuni are furious and disgusted with they way you handle the whole thing. It is so obvious that Craig James and his son are lying .
    You are idiots if you can’t see that. Kent Hance you are a disgrace to this university. Your office of communications and marketing screwed up by sending this email out. I hope you see now who everyone feels and settle with Coach Leach. He deserves every penny he is asking for. You are not getting any money from me and apparently any one else . You better do something quick.
    This University is gonna be a sinking ship.

  113. Marilyn Howard Says:

    You have to be kidding this doesn’t make it right. You can get “experts” to say anything! I will no longer support the university, I’m ashamed of TT!

    Marilyn Howard
    Class of 1969

  114. Pam Wright-Haynes Says:

    TTU administration messed up. Mike Leach was the best thing to happen for the Red Raiders. He deserved his bonus. I think he will win his lawsuit.

  115. Jarrell Jenkins Says:

    I bought my tickets this year on the bear minimmum, This whole thing is a Joke–”I LIKE MIKE” I don’t like Hance, Myers, and for sure the James FAMILY–period. Can’t wait til Myers pops his head up at a presentation at a game–waiting to expel my lung with BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  116. Robert Keith Wade, JD, '81 Says:

    I have carefully reviewed the pleadings, affidavits, emails and depositions of the various parties, press releases and even Craig James’ born-again “spiritual war” anti-Mormon PowerLunch shtick. If every pleading and exhibit proffered by Texas Tech were true (which I doubt), the treatment of 22 yr. old Adam James pales in comparison to the motivational techniques I experienced from coaches since the 7th grade. However, unlike Adam, I would not have dreamed of whining about such treatment to my late father, who, when he was younger than Adam, was clawing his way onto beaches of islands with names like Guadacanal, Tinian, Saipan and Tarawa (sacrifice which the neither Craig nor Adam James could comprehend).
    Coach Mike Leach had nothing to apologize for. The late Professor Emeritus J. Hadley Edgar also made his law students stand for long periods and publicly humiliated them, and we are better lawyers because of it. The law school just learned that it is once again first in the bar examination pass rate. I submit that such would not be the case if the law school coddled slackers at the expense of effective motivators and educators.

  117. Jeff Pirtle Says:

    The fact that “Texas Tech University sent us the following news release with accompanying links regarding the Mike Leach law suit and asked “us” to pass this on to our alumni body”, is further evidence of the lack of understanding Texas Tech University has about this issue. What does it take for the administration to understand the overwhelming disappointment most people feel about their treatment of Coach Leach? One of the strongest values I learned growing up in the Panhandle was to always take responsibility for your actions. It would appear that Coach Leach has done so. Shame on you Mr. Myers. The only recourse I have is financial.

  118. Tyler Akers Says:

    Sorry, Texas Tech, this is silly even by your standards. We all know Leach was an eccentric egomaniac, but he was OUR eccentric egomaniac. Little James is a prima donna, and his father isn’t much better. I continue to steadfastly refuse to give a single dime to the University until Gerald Myers is gone.

  119. EX RedRaiderFred Says:

    I’ll wait for the movie… (or news coverage)… of the trial.

  120. Kerbear Says:

    Wow…..I just should say Ditto but of course I’ll have to add my 2 cents. I’m a Class of ’80 graduate. I bleed Red and Black. I support not only Tech’s athletics but every other thing I can support. But I am ashamed to be associated with a school that has an administration that not only mishandled the Leach fiasco so badly but now feel that you have to send propaganda to support your actions. You should be so ashamed that you have dishonored Tech and every alumi. This current administration needs to had in their resignations. I will not support Tech financially until that happens. Your actions alone have made Tech a laughing stock. I am disgusted with the whole bunch of you morons. Does the term “HONOR” mean anything at Tech anymore?

  121. Sarah Says:

    AP: I do not believe for one second that all of these people that are this upset are part of Team Leach. If they have sold more ST than any other year – why are they pushing so hard to sell tickets. When you go look at the diagram at the ticket office there are a lot of opened up spaces formerly held by season ticket holders. I don’t know where you got your information AP but it’s wrong – maybe the same PR firm that sends trolls out to every message board that has anything to do with Tech Football. Or maybe the University has its own social media campaign going on to do the same.

  122. bryan dunn, '82 Says:

    Sorry, TTU. The more I see how you’re handling this case, the more I find myself referring to TTU as my ex-university, if I refer to it at all.

    Grow a pair, pay Leach what he had coming to him, and acknowledge that you made some real mistakes if you want public opinion to turn in your favor.

    Otherwise, STFU and bye-bye.

  123. Dave Krupnick Says:

    If you can’t win in court so try the court of public opinion. Look at the responses you have recieved, have you learned enough to see that your own Alumni are embarrassed by your foolish attempt to sway people to believe that your actions were anything but self-serving. Mike Leach did not change during 2009 from the coach you agreed to contract with to serve Texas Tech’s football team. You knew him when you signed the contract and when you decided to reneg on your contractual obligations, not because he was any more arrogant, but because you didn’t to honor your agreement. How much have you spent to try to justify your bad faith actions, on attorneys, ‘expert’ witnesses and press releases. Your ‘expert’ witness, Dr. Cantu, “found that the student athlete had sustained a concussion, and that, in his expert medical opinion, Leach’s actions “constituted totally inappropriate management and care for a concussion””, yet Mike Leach never attempted to “manage and care for a concussion”. Its a red herring, classic legal manuvering. Mike Leach’s actions, by all accounts, were not actions to treat a concussion and did nothing to affect Adam James physical condition. Please give your alumni credit for enough intelligence to indicate their paying tuition for a college education at Texas Tech was not a total waste of money and they learned enough to make reasonable judgements when they exam the facts before them. Shame on Gerald Meyers and Kent Hance for their childish jealousy and arrogance (theirs certainly exceed Mike Leach’s, and have much less to justify it). It is pretty transparent when the Chancellor of a University goes on ESPN to try to defend the actions in firing a coach, pretty embarassing for the University, Alumni, and the entire West Texas region.

  124. Tech81 Says:

    Hilarious how the dwindling number of Team Leecher ignore claim they’re the majority. This email went out to what? 25,000 people and less than a hundred side with the pirate-fetish one. For all the claims of not supporting Tech, why is it the Red Raider Club has drawn record crowds since Leach forced Tech to let him go. Good riddance. Give Myers and Hance a big raise for dealing with idiots like these.

  125. Becky Lambeth Cirkovic Says:

    I have not for a single moment believed that Leach was fired because of his treatment of James. After all ,Tech hired Bobby Knight of all people. That it’s all about the players, what a joke! If Tech didn’t want to pay Leach what he was worth, just say so, but to both fire and try to ruin the man’s reputation has just been too much. I no longer feel any pride in my college. I hope the case goes to trial and that Tech looses millions. I personally think what was done to Leach was criminal. There are people in Tech’s administration that represent the worst of human behavior.

  126. RedRaider4Life Says:

    It’s obvious this page is being manipulated by TeamLeachers being paid to post in support of the drunk pirate. You see nothing like this on the RaiderPower or LubbockOnLine, etc. Guess Leach’s camp knows he’s looking worse every passing day. Thank God he fat (expletive deleted) is gone. Go Tech!

  127. Angela Says:

    I have heard enough from Tech and “affiliates” about this. WHY would Gerald Myers create and approve this venue? Because he is the type of person who wants to make a point . . . his point. Kent Hance is right behind him. (I am still embarrased by Hance’s Dec. press conference on TV when the story broke. He clearly had it out for Leach . . . listen to his tone of his voice and his words). My son and ALL his friends at Tech know the James boy and the kid ‘bucked’ the system and Leach MORE than a few times. And shame on you Tech attorneys. I hope you ALL listen to what is being said and how angry the Tech alumni really are. The school HAD a great coach and a good reputation.

  128. Rose Says:

    I could just cry. The Admin., some BOR members, booster(s), and an unethical sports caster have brought scandal to this University. Try recruiting HS students from Houston now. It can’t be done. A railroad is a railroad … and this group has even taken it further – they have and are trying to prevent a man from working to provide for his family. Their character assination of Coach Leach, especially in his profession, is forever unforgivable! God Bless Coach Leach for the memories.

  129. Greg Duncan Says:

    The only big ego that has set this football program back belongs to Mike Leach. He got what was coming to him, and it had been brooding for many years. What happened to him is the result of the hypocrisy he showed between his players and the administration; he was trying to teach his students to not talk back to those superior to him, yet there Leach was telling Myers and Hance what he wanted, as if he ran the show.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for what Mike Leach did here, but the way he acted was inexcusable; constantly fraternizing with other programs such as Washington and Miami (for more recent examples) in order to gain leverage on the administration. He did many great things, but Tuberville is going to do a fantastic job here too. Tuberville has done things in college football Mike Leach has never achieved, and the Tech program will continue to rise.

    To all the alumni withholding money from the university from this incident, you are harming the wrong entity in this situation. Hance, Myers, and Baily may be the leaders of Texas Tech, but the university is bigger than all three of them. Mike Leach did many great things in football, but Texas Tech is at the point that it is today because of academics. That’s how it always has been; 400 million dollar endowments don’t come from football.

    As a current student, let me urge you all to realize that the degree I am getting in 10 days is not a degree from Hance and Myers, but a degree from Texas Tech University. I came here and achieved academically. Every aspect of my education, my classes, my research, my work ethic, had nothing to do with the football team, which is what most every alumnus in this discussion seems to be emphasizing in regards to defining what Texas Tech stands for. Whether you agree with what Hance and Myers did or not, Texas Tech is, and always will be, bigger than Hance, Myers and Leach combined.

    Greg Duncan
    Class of 2010

  130. Carolyn Munoz Says:

    As an Alum living outside of Texas, I find that few people know much about Texas Tech. Upon learning that my husband and I graduated from Tech, most often, people mention Bobby Knight; occasionally, someone remembers the young man that shattered the basketball backboard; and all too frequently, people nod and say, “Oh yeah, you’re Aggies.”

    Now, they have this messy scandal and lawsuit to remember Tech for.

    No matter who was right or who was wrong, the Tech administration has embarrassed themselves, the school, the faculty, the students, and the graduates by the mishandling of this case. The public clash of out-sized childish egos reflects negatively on a fine institution that has produced great scientists, physicians, lawyers, astronauts, writers, educators, etc., etc. Instead of focussing attention on making Texas Tech a world class institution and educating our future leaders, the administration is preoccupied in petty, personal bickering and posturing.

    Does anyone really think that this lawsuit has anything to do with health and safety issues or concussions or how a student was treated? Didn’t the same AD eagerly hire Bobby Knight, a coach fired for inappropriate conduct toward a student? More mature and better men could have resolved their problems privately, with negotiations and apologies. They would have paid the coach his due. Now, they are paying lawyers instead and dragging the school ‘s reputation through the mud.

    As a former student, I want to hear about Tech’s accomplishments, not it’s embarrassments. I want the Alumni Association to serve the Alumni, not pander to the adminstration. I want my friends to say about Tech, “Oh, yeah, great school!”

    Maybe it’s not so bad to be called an Aggie.

    Please remove my name from your mailing list.

    Carolyn Munoz
    Class of 1976

  131. RedRaider4Life Says:

    Too bad anyone can post here, multiple times under multiple names and claim they are alumni without any verification. Bill Dean and Co, get with the program and don’t let the ignorant TeamLeach crowd that are paid to post get away with all this bogus anti-Tech campaign. All my Tech friends are thrilled the fat pirate and his fat little girlfriends are gone. Thank God we finally have a respectable coach now in Tuberville. Thank you Hance for canning Leach. Texas Tech is better for it. Go Tech!

  132. T. Bliss (1984) Says:

    First of all, remove my name from your mailing list!
    Secondly, I am sick and tired of hearing or reading about the “Three Stooges” (Hance, Myers and Bailey).
    Lastly, long live the PIRATE!

  133. John Says:

    In order to post here, you should be required to prove you are a grad of TTU. Secondly, only one person shlould be able to post under one name. That would reduce these idiotic team leachers from flooding the comments pretending that they actually graduated from TTU, that they actualy give money, and they are not the 11 common posters on their assinine facebook crusade.

    Funny, all these “different” people griping, and ticket sales are up. Interesting…

  134. Rose Says:

    Greg Duncan – congradulations! And, you are right. You have received an EXECELLENT education. Daughter #1 ’95, #2 still there. So, I know. BUT, have you seen what this Admin. has done to the Honors College this year? The Dean has resigned because ‘they’ were going behind his back, interfering and cutting his courses! Did I say without informing or consulting him? There is a pattern here, and it is a cancer. Maybe you could help clean these cronies out before they cause even more harm … and you too come to be ashamed of your University. Back to you – We wish you the very best and know you are going to be a credit to your community!

  135. Patricia H Says:

    I am not a alum, but my husband received his law degree from Tech. With all the attorneys that the school has educated know you are wrong….

    You truly need listen to your alum….You have no support. You will no money. You will have no students. You will have no staff. All your programs will be hurt by your actions for years to come.
    All the things that Leach has done to build Texas Tech program up for the past 10 years is for not.
    Coach Leach has always been straight forward and honest. That is what fans liked the best. Have you…

    The talented students and staff will not even take a second look for the school now.

    The children learn and act from the lessons/actions of the parents. The James family is not a good example to follow. We all want our children to start and play, but they have to work for it. It is not just given to you because of who your “Father is” . The James family has a voice…but your alum has many voices, the monies and the support you need.

    We have 3 teenager girls that are elite volleyball players in the North Texas region. They wanted to go, play and help the volleyball program at Tech….not now….

    So your future is what you make it…will you do what is right???? That is the question?????

  136. Russell Laird Says:

    I only quickly skimmed this and the comments. Maybe I’ll read it more sometime if I am very bored but I have better things to do with my time (such as rearrange my sock drawer) and am tired of hearing about this saga which makes our university look very bad. I share a lot of the sentiment expressed by others!

    I saw a few comments of alumni who were upset that this was sent to them in an email from the alumni association. I received it that way as well. I’m not sure if the alumni association is monitoring these comments or where we should direct our response. I didn’t notice anything in the email asking us, as alumni and the members of the association, about our feelings on the matter. I didn’t see any endorsement by the alumni association of the administration’s actions in sending this on and took it as only informational.

    However, like a lot of people, I am still waiting to hear all of the facts and conclusions and I do wonder what the alumni association is doing to express the feelings of the alumni to the university administration. Communication should be two way. If the alumni association is going to forward information about the administration’s actions in this case then maybe they should communicate back to the administration. I’m still waiting to see that communication. I also have my mebership renewal at home sitting on the edge of my desk about to fall into the trash can.

    Waiting . . .

    Russell Laird
    Student Body President 1992

  137. Damon Bruce Johnson Says:

    The poor choice of official language given the press by the Tech administration preceding the firing of Mike Leach was unforgivable at best. Nothing they do or say at this point has credibility. The consensus of this email from the Alumni Association is in favor of Mike Leach. I believe Mike will get his day in court and real facts will surface. He wins only if he can tell the real story. Tech does not win either way. A member of a team that has a disruptive effect on that team(if that is the case here) should have been removed. It happens all the time in college sports. No amount of undue outside pressure from anyone should be taken into consideration. In some cases expulsion brings about a good solution. The final outcome of this event may initiate rules in other Universities that force coaching staffs to succumb to those who only value their own personal interests. That is not a legacy anyone associated with Texas Tech would want.

  138. Russell Laird Says:

    Actually I was probably being a little too kind when I said I took the email from the alumni association as only informational. My initial reaction was, as others have expressed, that it smacks of propaganda. I was amazed at the saga as it played out for so many reasons but continue to be amazed that someone cannot understand that a quick settlement needs to be done. I have heard others say let’s support the team and the new coach now. Having this matter settled MIGHT allow us to do that.

  139. Bill Says:

    I still love TTU. My wife and I are both alums and support our school. We will continue my meager contributions to TTU. BUT, they will be specifically through our colleges, and specifically for scholarship funds only. I do not wish to penalize current or new students’ abilities to get scholarship funding.

    But I WILL NOT contribute to the general fund.

    I have no sympathy for the current administration, especially Hance or Myers. They just keep digging their hole deeper and deeper, and I am anxiously awaiting the jury trial so the facts can finally come to the surface and be made public.

    Bill, ’87

  140. Kristin Holland Bailey Says:

    I am an alumni 1997. I have already declined to support Texas Tech financially and will continue to do so as long as Kent Hance, Guy Bailey, Gerald Myers, Adam James and the entire Board of Regents are no longer associated with my alma mater. I cannot in good conscience give money to people who act without Honor. TTU you know you are trying to CYA at this point because you know how many people feel the same way I do. Go to trial – I dare you!

  141. Karen Newton Says:

    @ RedRaider4Life… first off YOU are a coward by not using your real name. and second, I am not being paid by anyone to voice my opinion. Third… pull your head out and shut up!!

  142. Sarah Says:

    Funny the ones posting they’re glad Leach are gone are the exact same ones begging a year ago for him to be given a raise. I am not a member of Team Leach (you can check) and would like to know exactly how they get paid? So what if they come here and post, at least they are doing it under their own names, unlike the publicity firm that had been hired to go to social networking sites and stir up trouble. How come THAT is ok but Team Leach members are not allowed to express an opinion? You cannot have it both ways John and RR4life. Tuberville is yet unproven. Who knows what he will or can do at Tech. He may succeed, he may be a bust. So, as far as I’m concerned, as of right now he hasn’t proven anything yet.
    Do you John and TT4life turn on your family this quickly when they disagree with you? I am not an alum of TT but my husband is…BUT I am the one who attends every sporting event. Do we give money to TT – we did. What does being an alum have to do with it? Does that leave out former students as well? Is my money for sporting events and whatever else we choose to give to not good enough because I’m not a TT grad but a grad from another university? How insane.

  143. Rick Phillips Says:

    RedRaider4Life must have majored in underwater basket weaving. Team Leach has over 60 thousand members and most no longer subscribe to the alumni drivel letter. Someone forwarded this latest drivel to me. The RR4L comments are empty air from an empty mind.

  144. Becky T Says:

    John, sorry to burst your bubble, but these people are real and most are not even Team Leachers.

  145. Becky T Says:

    We would be happy to have them join us though!

  146. Phil Gilbert Says:

    I graduate from Texas Tech next week after transferring here from another great university. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of Team Leach. In fact, I spoke at the rally. It would be nice if we were paid, but we do not. We post sincerely and honestly about how we feel. Thanks to constant character attacks, you’ll find most of us very informed and that we have done our research. You should expect nothing less of TTU alumni and students.
    Texas Tech is run, represented by, and now mismanaged by a handful of people. We live in a republic, and our voices are our vote. As such, it looks like we’re voting them out of office.
    I am proud that I’m graduating, and I’ll be back for grad school later. I am not proud of the administration of my University. Since they represent my university, I am not proud of it. I am merely proud of my accomplishment.
    As soon as I am asked to donate, I will echo the sentiments of many, many others. Not until the administration is cancer free. If you have a problem with my opinion, please look me up and I will gladly talk it over with you during a meal I will buy for you. If all you can do is call the other side names and do not educate yourself with facts, then you are no better thN the corrupt we all take offense to.
    Alumni association et al, please do not waste your time by calling or emailing me for money. Do send me snail mail so I can return an envelope with an emblazoned “Leach” monogram.
    Blue skies Red Raiders.

    Phil Gilbert
    c/o 2010

  147. RedRaider4Life Says:

    Lies about TeamLooney ever having that many members. In fact, due to the crap that those with Leach’s agenda were pulling, the organizers shutdown their Facebook page months ago. I understand those who are being paid need money and are either employed by Leach’s PR hacks, lawyers/agents, but the faux angst that appears here doesn’t jive with Real Red Raiders who attended in record numbers every RRC Club event, nor what those of us who care enough about Tech football to be premium members on the rivals and scout sites. Leach is an egotistical jerk who hung himself with his own rope. It’s called karma and it’s a you know what. Cya Leach and take what’s left of your misinformed and misguided cult with you.

  148. Not on Either Side Says:

    The most pathetic thing about this entire situation is how grown adults are acting about it. And I’m not talking about the TTU administration or Mike Leach & his attorneys. I’m talking about the pathetic juvenile way in which so many people have responded here & other sites. I read Team Leach (I’m one of those 60,000 but that doesn’t mean I support either side) and it’s appalling the venom spewed forth there. If you don’t agree with them, you’re labeled a “troll” & they’ll have you kicked off & then brag about it. The other side doesn’t appear to have any organized web site like TL, but still their comments on various blogs can be pretty juvenile too. Can no one have a civilized discussion without name calling & acting like a bunch of bratty spoiled kids? People, grow up. Let TTU & the Mike Leach camp & the court work this out. You’re all entitled to your opinions, but can’t you state them in a civil manner? There has been some pretty libelous stuff thrown around on some of these websites– I’m surprised there haven’t been (or will be) some defamation lawsuits as a result. I’m 63 years old & can’t recall having ever seen such disgusting behavior by adults. There is NO sense in making a fool of yourself with vitriolic inane comments on public bulletin boards…. and that’s for BOTH sides of the argument.

  149. Not on Either Side Says:

    To Greg Duncan, post #127.
    Congratulations young man. The last paragraph of your post says immeasurable things about your maturity. You sound like you’ve got a good logical head on your shoulders. Best of luck in your future.

  150. RedRaider4Life Says:

    I only deal with honesty, so I will admit when I typed in “Team Leach” nothing came up on FB. Since I went to Tech and earned my degree, I typed it correctly; didn’t realize the dummies spelled it all out as one word. Looks like they’ve raised a grand total of an average $1.20 per member. I know for a fact a couple of friends only joined for the comic relief they provide. They are mostly made up of T-shirt fans, people who never attended Tech and Aggies out to hurt Tech.

    Facts are Coach Tuberville has set record numbers at every Red Raider Club since Leach fired himself. Coach Tubs has also done more fundraising and participated in more events in 10 weeks than the pirate jerk did in 10 years. No question Tech did the right thing getting rid of this egotistical moron and replacing him with a respected, proven coach. I’m excited to once again be able to have pride in the Texas Tech football coach and can’t wait for football season.

  151. Jeff F Says:

    I am curious, what is the normal rate of response to emails sent by the Alumni Assoc? While I am not a TTU grad, members of my family are grads of TTU. May 14th can’t get here fast enough and yes I am a member of Team Leach and have no problem stating that.

  152. James Hudnall Says:

    I hope that the Judge gives Leach all he wants and more! Fire the whole bunch of fools that are running Tech and let’s start over. Go all the way Mike; we are with you 100%.

  153. Becky T Says:

    RedRaider4Life…..You claims about Team Leach are so far from the truth. However, it is obvious to me that you haven’t fully removed your head from the sand yet. The longer you wait, the more it’s going to hurt, believe that.

  154. Suzanne C Says:

    @ RedRaider4Life – for just one minute: forget about football, forget about Leach, forget all about Craig/Adam James. What we have on our hands is a board of regents that does not feel compelled to follow the governing laws of the SACS which specifically states that regents may not interfer with contract negotiations and enforcements regarding faculty and personnel. I too am an alum who is disgusted and ashamed by all of this mess. However, my school is in serious jeopardy of losing or being sanctioned by the SACS. TTU is more than football…..look past that at this very serious academic situation. You seem to only focus on the “football” aspect.

  155. David F Says:

    I am very disappointed that this information has been forwarded to the alumni body. This is just the latest attempt by the University to discredit Mike Leach and his quest for justice. From the evidence I have read he deserves a fair trial in a court of law. I am extremely disappointed in the Texas Tech administration and have serious doubts about the future of our great university. The attached article is a sign of the direction our administration is setting for the future.

    Honors College Dean (Dr. Gary Bell) Resigns

    I have continually supported the Texas Tech Alumni Association since 1986 and I am extremely disappointed in the actions taken by the university administration. ‘Strive for Honor Evermore’. We need to walk the talk.

    In the future I would ask that the Alumni Association take a neutral position on the Mike Leach law suit and let our legal system do the work.

  156. Russell Hill Says:

    I was already angry with the Tech administration for their incompetent, inept and dishonest handling of this whole matter. Now I am really angry that I am being sent “marketing emails” about how the admin has purchased an “expert opinion” to suport their false claims. I will never send any money to my alma mater again as long as these morons are in charge. Mike Leach did more for this university than all three of the three stooges ever did or ever will. I am sick and tired of all the posturing and lying to try to voer their a**es. Do not ever, ever send me another press release like this again!

    Russell Hill
    Class of ’78

  157. randy sanchez Says:

    be true to texas tech pride…i feel as the administration, boards, athletic dept, educational dept etc should take this on the chin. If one raider no matter what status does badly all of Texas Tech Raider alumni feel it. I know I have felt negative feedback or taunts. So lets get back to doing right that is what got Texas Tech respect!!!



  159. Bill Watts Says:

    I am ashamed of the conduct of the Tech Administration in handling the Mike Leach firing. This press release adds to the bad feelings a lot of Alumni feel about the current school managment.
    Bill Watts
    Class of 1964

  160. Modo Says:

    I am pretty shocked at all the negative opinions surrounding Tech’s expert witness. I have never understood lay persons’ distrust of experts in a legal setting. People love to see law and order or Boston legal and assume that doctors and lawyers are dishonest people like in those shows or movies, when the truth is that lay people are too ignorant to understand legal or medical principals. Each profession has it’s set of ethical rules and responsibilities that carry serious penalties for violations therewith. If you do not like what the expert is saying, it does not make it wrong, ultimately it would be for a jury to decide which opinions are most credible (assuming it gets passed the motion to dismiss or the summary judgement motion soon to follow). Whether Mike Leach was fired for cause will ultimately be a fact issue for the jury to decide, but until both sides present their case in court, all of your judgements are wrong, misinformed, and premature.

  161. RedRaider4Life Says:

    Scott you were asked to do that because it’s obvious TeamLooney’s lawyers and liars, PR hacks and paid posters have been making up screen names here trying to create faux angst that doesn’t exist.

    The facts now show this was just another weak PR tactic by Leach’s team that has failed. There’s no cover up not matter how many of your paid Leach supporters try to mislead people. NOTE TO SCHOOLS WATCHING HOW LEACH ACTS: he’ll lie, distort and deflect anything and hurt your school. Don’t hire the jerk. But since misinformation is the only thing Leach has in his corner, no one should be surprised.

    This is their response to Tech releasing Leach’s instructions to the doctors not to diagnose any more concussions, a fact that will hurt his future employment opportunities. If he thinks other schools watching this are impressed by his tactics, he has another thing coming to him.

  162. Phil Tucker 68 Says:

    Settle and get on with the Program.

  163. Becky T Says:

    RedRaider4Life……You are just plain wrong. And this accusation that Mike Leach instructed the team doctors not to diagnose concussions is completely false. I’ve heard it before, but I have enough sense not to believe it. No football coach would get away with that, and Mike Leach would never try.

  164. John Westermajer Says:

    Tech, nice try but it is apparent that any person with a degree from your University can see right through what you are trying to accomplish here. This is nothing more than foolish propaganda designed to justify a pathetic firing of a very good football coach. You’re administration is embarassing itself even more with this garbage and I am surprised that you would think this is a good idea to send out to Alumni. Let us not forget that you are an educational entity first and foremost, and when this Universities leaders issue a meritless firing it looks bad on the entire University. This has made you look incompetent in my eyes and I can only hope that you eventually own up to your mistake to save whatever dignity you may still have.

    John Westermajer
    Class of ’05

  165. Tim McConnaughey Says:

    Words can not describe how upset I am with Texas Tech University, which I have supported for over thirty years.
    The current administration has taken an honorable University (TTU) down the level below where any educated person can clearly see that having an assoication with such entity would reflect poorly upon the person claiming association. Therefore, I will not support nor will any of my family or friends continue to support Texas Tech University until all of the management are GONE! Many of my friends are influential TTU alumni. They are also considering the same action/s. Please, somebody listen to us and throw these rascals out or have them resign….NOW!

  166. Suzanne C Says:

    @ RedRaider4 Life – until you post your real name here- you have no dog in this fight…quit wasting our time.

  167. Noel Walton Says:

    Looks like the administration is paying “big bucks” to a hired expert to tout their position.
    I am not sure why the alumni association is still involved at this point. I have and will continue to withhold my support for any portion of the Texas Tech community until the present administration is brought held accountable for their incompetence.
    Noel Walton
    class of 1971

  168. Rick Phillips Says:

    For RR4L and his Karma, I have given thousands $$ over the past years but will not give another dime. It is not about Leach but about the Hindu way he was fired.
    One thing is certain, Tech will never recruit championship talent to lubbock with this Administration running things -Tuber will find out. I never worried about a championship. Leach graduated over 70% of his players, his teams were fun to watch, his teams drew such big crowds tech had to expand the stadium, he put tech football on the map and he deserved to be paid off.
    I was never inamored over Leach’s personality but if the admin had a problem they botched it when they gave him a new contract. The botched it again when they cowtowed to James. Pony up and pay the man.
    Rick Phillips, Class of ’70.

  169. Eric Sattler Says:

    1) Football brings in a lot of money. When Leach was fired, the money stream dried up. The Administration couldn’t see this?
    2) Tuberville has a long row to hoe. Support him if you like, but my guess is the TTU football program will never be the same. Sorry, but no more Bowl games in their future for years and TTU football will certainly fade into the dust from whence it came.
    3) If Hance didn’t understand what was going on, then he is clueless. Maybe he spent too much time in Washington?
    4) Gerald Myers always liked being the center of attention. Gerald Myers never liked it if anyone was more popular than Gerald Myers. Mike Leach was way more popular than Gerald Myers. Gerald Myers probably decided long ago that Leach had to go. Myers should have been fired a long time ago, but the good ol boys network kept him on.
    5) If TTU wants to be a Tier 1 university, they have to stop the good ol boys front office and start acting like a major university.
    6) I graduated from Tech, as did my brother, my sister, and my niece. We are a TTU family. My daughter is lining up to enter school in a couple of years. At this point, however, I am more inclined to send her to TAMU as, win, lose, or draw, they at least act with honor and dignity.
    7) Don’t expect any more money from me until this gets straightened out and Hance / Myers are both fired.

  170. Sean Davis (TTU '02) Says:

    This whole affair makes me embarrassed to have graduated from Texas Tech. The depositions linked above make clear that TTU blatantly breached Leach’s contract and violated his rights.

    For example, Leach’s contract stated that he had a 10-day period to “cure” any issues brought to his intention if those issues were curable. In one sentence, lobbyist Kent Hance says that everything would’ve been hunky dory had Leach only signed the apology document. In the next sentence Hance says Leach’s actions were incurable and therefore Leach was not entitled to the 10-day cure period. Which one is it, Kent? Never mind that an employer is not allowed to to force a contract employee to sign a new contract in the absence of reasonable consideration (e.g., a promotion, raise, etc.). Apparently Hance ditched class that day in law school.

    Then we have the deposition of Charlotte Bingham. She admitted to doctoring the report of her investigation at Hance’s request – apparently Hance told her it was “milquetoast” and “too mild.” Unfortunately for Hance, facts are often boring. Too bad for him. We also have Bingham admitting that Leach was entitled, under TTU operating procedures, to seek a court’s intervention to address any violations of his contract. That’s odd, seeing as how Kent Hance went to the media and told them that Leach’s court case was subordination and grounds for firing. And, to make matters even more ridiculous, Bingham testified under oath that Leach was fired, in part, for profanity. Profanity! Ms. Bingham made this outrageous claim during her deposition on March 5, 2010. And just by coincidence, less than a week later on March 11, TTU leaked locker room videos of Leach swearing. What’re the odds!

    Slimy, sleazeball tactics like this don’t belong at TTU. Until Hance takes responsibility for his actions and for dragging the brand of TTU through the mud, this school will, in Hance’s words, “not see a penny” of my money.

  171. James Says:

    I am not a TT grad but am interested in the University. Some posters advocate giving Leach the bank account. Folks, it is our money, our tax dollars. Whatever TT is required to pay involves us. I consider Leach like foreign aid. Down a rat hole.
    He lives in Florida and, if prudent, should have enough money saved and a fine pension to see him through. As for paying him off, forget it. Offer scholarship to students who have a discipline worth honoring in the future. Forget the football coach who is gone.

  172. Jeff F Says:

    The expert witness can talk about concussions all he wants. Is TTU claiming that they consulted with this expert BEFORE making their decision, NO! Don’t you find it strange TTU is not using anything in the actual “injured” party’s deposition? I know they could use quotes to the effect of, I didn’t think it was something to get fired over; I went into the closet on my own or I thought it was funny. I know most people are too lazy but the only way to be informed is to wade through all of the information that is out there and not just rely on the spoon feeding from TTU and the Lubbock press.

  173. RedRaider4Life Says:

    # Suzanne C Says:
    May 7th, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    @ RedRaider4 Life – until you post your real name here- you have no dog in this fight…quit wasting our time.

    Hilarious coming from someone who doesn’t post her real name. Since you’re a leech, I’ll explain it to you: IRONY

    Give the 800K bonus that Leach didn’t earn since he wasn’t the Coach on Jan. 1 and divide it in equal parts among Hance, Bailey and Myers for sparing us from hearing embarrassing loss excuses like “fat little girlfriends” ever again. THANK YOU!

  174. John Gray Says:

    I would like to let everyone know that the day after Christmas Mike Leach went to the Presidents office and met with Bailey and Myeres and even offered an exit strategy that would have been a win win for all but the Three Stooges chose not to accept as Meyers and Bailey didnt want Mike to resign. The rich (expletive deleted) in Dallas, Anders, Sowells and James wanted him gone because he wouldn’t kiss thier buts.

    Question for all why isn’t there a regent from Houston ? Answer because the cronies in Dallas look down on Houston!

  175. James Wilson Says:

    Dr. Robert Cantu is a puppet (thanks to a Craig James phone call)……

    Hey Dr. Cantu….I need some help here……check’s in the mail…..

    Craig James – demise of SMU football and has unfortunately ruined his son’s life for how he will forever be remembered……

  176. raiderexile Says:

    I have basically developed a lifestyle that was centered on Tech academic endeavors and Tech Football for the last nearly 60 years. We have flown into Lubbock for every home football game and still sit in seats located in the vicinity of where my Dad first purchased our season tickets in 1956. We have donated thousands of dollars to the university and I personally have donated hundreds of hours working with various academic organizations to assist Tech in gaining visibility nationally and internationally. We have always worn our Tech clothing on vacations and it never failed that someone would make a comment whether it was about Tech academics and various colleges to even a comment about the UT game with the “Crab Catch” from a Danish hotel clerk in Copenhagen, Denmark. I felt that Tech had finally been recognized on all levels and I had seen this in my lifetime – NOW, all of this is in s SHAMBLES and Tech will be remembered where inept and self serving administrators had destroyed it. This is an affront to all current students, faculty, student athletes, Alumni, parents and fans that love OUR university. One case in point is that our hard working Senior football players had their final game ruined by all the turmoil created by the administrators and the James Family. (Please reread the comment written by Daniel Howard’s father around the time of the bowl game.) I am drawing the line on this and I totally REFUSE to be a part of corruptness that is governing OUR school at the present time. Sadly, I am saying Goodbye to Tech as long as Hance, Bailey, and Myers are at Tech. Thanks for the memories during the good times….

  177. William James Says:

    Leach is a lawyer. That is why he is in this mess.

  178. William James Says:

    RedRaider4Life is right. Anyone supporting Leach needs to realize that Leach fired himself. If there really was a conspiracy to fire Leach, then why did he completely refuse to cooperate with the university and look for a face saving solution that gives everybody an out? According to Team Leachers, Leach is right and everybody else is an emissary of the dark force. Team Leachers are as silly as their hero.

  179. Gene H. Says:

    I am not exactly sure who at the Texas Tech Alumni Association agreed to send the e-mail to this information, and frankly I really do not care. I have tried to maintain a neutral position as it relates to the alumni association and TTU, but this is absolutely foolish from a public relations perspective. Why on God’s green Earth would the alumni association publish their neutrality in one of the last editions of the Texas Techsan Magazines and then release an e-mail like this? This is clearly a rhetorical question. I followed the alumni association’s position that withholding payment will hurt students in the long run and then I get this crap. We all know that Mr. Meyers had a hand in this and we all know that Coach Leach did not get along with the administration. But to send this out because TTU asked the association and then to stand back and to act like the association is only being a good organization is foolish. As the association advised previously, withholding contributions to the associations only hurts students, and yet the association has, without any regards to the students, stepped in a pile of the stinking stuff for the sake of what? Use a little common sense next time, and maybe a little public relations common sense, and step back! In fact, maybe step back until the first football season is over with! It’s nothing more than some common sense that the association has failed to exercise that will most likely result in me not contributing to the association – thank God I can claim a membership as an alumni member of OU as well!

  180. Carol Czerwiec Daniel '67 Says:

    I am embrassed by TTU’s actions concerning Coach Leach. Kent Hance, Gerald Myers,and Guy Bailey should be released from their contracts for their stupid mistakes in firing Coach Leach. TTU owes the Coach the money and should pay it. I normally tend to side with the administration, but not this time. They are dead wrong. Hance was a lousy, self-centered congressman, and now a lousy chancelor. My family,four generations of TT graduates, was just waiting for him to screw up, but this far exceeded even our expectations!! You have hired a yes man instead of a coach, I hope it works out. Let Tech get some respect back,,,,,fire the three, settle with Leach, and bring this to a close.. All of my families’ TT membershiips and contributions are being cancelled until this occurs!!!

  181. Steve Stuart Says:

    I’m not an alum of TT, but at least 90 per cent of the comments to this story created by the TT marketing people are negative–is that really how the TT alumni have reacted to the Mike Leach dismissal? If so, the alumni need to do everything they can to force out everyone from the AD on up. It’s just unbelievable how this entire incident has played out and I hope Leach is ultimately vindicated.

  182. JERRY KAHL Says:

    PAY HIM HIS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Edward Yost Says:

    Dear Gerald and Kent,
    Please cease and desist from using a Texas Tech venue to publish your lobbying efforts with the court. If you’ve read through the lovely missives above you recognize that there may not be whole lot of folks in your corner. Speaking of corners, this reminds me of all the times Gerald went into a four corners offense (before the shot clock) with a four point lead only to lose. What excitement? What misled strategy? What self serving arrogance? Sound familiar. I know, as most objective viewpoints will consider, that Mike Leach was a loose cannon rolling around on the deck, the course that you guys charted into the storm sent the cannon into the deep. Why don’t y’all dive in after him? Oh yeah, what I’m I going to do with all this pirate stuff? Go Tech Ed

  184. Shannon Jameson Says:

    It’s time to move on and support Tubby our new coach. Both Tech and Leach share the blame for the debacle that occurred. Coach Leach made several tactical errors. First, no one would have said a thing about Adam being locked up in the training garage (or whatever it was) IF he hadn’t suffered from a concussion or at least been cleared by doctor. If it was strictly for disciplinary purposes then no big deal. Heck, that would be easier then running until you puke. I’m sure Leach stuck him in there to put Adam in his place for a bad attitude. His mistake was doing it while Adam should have been put on medical leave and simply let the Dr. deal with it. Once he is cleared then go about with your displinary action. That was Leach’s first bone head move. Second, much like he called his 4th down plays, he took a chance that TTU wouldn’t fire him over the incident by refusing to apologize. He made the call and came up short and paid with his job. He learned that he wasn’t bigger then the University. I think the University could have handled it differently to have worked around saving face for everyone…or so I think. Leach did a lot of good things for this University. I love the fact that he had such a high graduation rate and GPA rating with his players. That says a lot about what he was about as a coach and a mentor. Good luck to him in his future and good luck to our University and our new Coach. Go Raiders!!

  185. Allen L. Stidger BA 75' & JD 84 Says:

    I really must say that sending this email was not exactly a stroke of brilliance on the part of Bill Dean’s Alumni Association. It was truly a foolish act. I have actually read all 182 previous posts and here is the break down:
    159- Alumni disfavored sending this email (in wildly varying degrees).
    10- Alumni I categorized as neutral, basically wishing that we would just move on, like Clay Renfroe #78 and Phil Tucker #161 (an All American OL).
    13- Alumni posts favored the Tech Administration. However, 8 of the 13 posts were from the same drive-by shooter named “RR4Life” who refuses to ID himself. That leaves exactly 7 posts that have been favorable towards the administration, of which exactly two (2), James Martin #110 and Greg Duncan #128, to their credit gave their names and made thoughtful comments, especially James Martin who apparently took the time to read the depositions.

    That comes to not quite 90% negative reactions, but pretty close. If Bill Dean and the Alumni association had hoped to garner support, with a total of 7 favorable posts out of 182, any reasonable person would have to admit that this email was a horrendous mistake. (Well everyone except the drive-by shooter “RR4Life,” he thinks the 159 are Texas Tech “Tea Baggers.”‘

    My post was #55 above and I reiterate, this email to the Alumni was a very bad idea. It tore the scabs of wounds that were only beginning to heal. Perhaps when Kent Hance, Gerald Myers, and Guy Bailey leave, Bill Dean should go with them. Gerald Myers and Bill Dean have been there way too long and should leave.

  186. ctowles Says:

    Shannon that is so silly. Adam was never locked up anywhere and you know it. The normal proceedure would be for Adam to run the field risking injury. Your reference to Adam being locked up was the story Craig James Public Relations firm came up with to make the argument inflamatory. You continue to use it to forward some agenda. It makes you look intellectually dishonest which doesn’t suit your nature well. Bob Stoops used 4th down plays in 2000 to win a national championship. Smart coaches do the unexpected. They have the moral courage to face the fans if they are wrong. Hance should take notes. This whole deal of Tech vs. Leach is manufactured a la a Junior College scenario and quite embarrasing for Tech. Tier 1 Universities don’t have things like this happen. They look at the situation, see the pitfalls and resolve it quitely. Post after post on this board is about the feeling of humilation and chagrin overcoming Alums. They see their degree and university being devalued by classless administrative decisions relegating their degrees and market worth to Tier 2 or Tier 3 like Oklahoma State or Kansas State.

  187. Rich Says:

    We are supposed to believe Adam James….the son of Craig James who was involved with all those “illegal” ongoings at SMU….seems like this whole situation was nothing more than a football player who was NOT that good and went crying to daddy to make it better.

    A disgrace right up there with Phil Simms BUYING his son a starting QB positon at Texas over Major Applewaite….a player who held almost every Texas passing record at the time….Major just did not have a daddy with pull….like Chris and Adam did….

  188. Paul Madison Says:

    To answer the question posed about Tier One Status:

    Tech is almost there. It requires simply money. What separates Tier One from others is how much money it raises to do research in the respective fields.

    The current hold back is Alumni $. Tech has received the state funds but now much raise the appropriate matching amounts. It is falling way short as of late.

    The Administration’s poor handling of the Leach issue has caused major short fall in money commonly raised. In fact, the amount raised is down more than 60% according to my sources.

    Like I have said before, I do not care what Leach did or did not do. That is for court or other issues to be decided out of the main stream media and definitely out of the spot light.

    No the problem is how the AD, Hance and Baily openly took the lead in how Tech dealt with the issues. If Leach was guilty as hell and needed to be fired, so be it. If not, then there is other legal questions and major problems which I will not go into now.

    But the Administration’s handling of the Leach questions is an embarrassment! They look like nitwits and unprofessional. They look like back stabbing morons with zero honor. That is the crux of the problem. I do not care about Leach in general in this overall issue. Yes, Leach did much for the university football program and raised it to a new level not seen before. But sometimes coaches need to be fired. I can live with that. But having a bunch of nitwits with the worst being Meyers who honestly should never been hired for the AD leading the others into madness and dishonor is not good. They should either resign or be fired for the good of Texas Tech University. Never mind anything else. Their actions have proved that they are not the ones who Tech needs to take our beloved university to new highs. We need honorable and trustworthy administrators which and lead not destroy.

    Thus the problem right now is that Hance, Baily and Meyers are standing in the way of Tech reaching Tier One status. Time for them to go!

  189. Peter Dittmer Says:

    I think it is (deleted) that individuals can hide behind soveign immunity. Get a real position on what your doing.

  190. bernardo selene Says:

    I do not think the alumni association is an appropriate vehicle for special pleading by Mr. Hance and his lawyer. Since alums in the Lubbock area may well be called on to serve on the jury if this thing goes to trial, it is also unethical, a bit of pre-jury tampering, if you will.
    But worse than a crime, it is a blunder. It politicizes the alumni association and could make members wonder yet again if continuing their membership is really a good idea. It also smacks of a strange combination of fear, inferiority feelings, and arrogance – as do most of the actions of the current regime at TTU. Throw in a big dash of incompetence, and you have quite a dish indeed.

  191. dd Says:

    It looks like Adam Jones was born with a genetic concussion. This is as bad as the lyme disease excuse used by an FSU quarterback for flying off the deepend a few years ago. When my kids don’t want to eat their vegetables they say they have a tummy ache. What a joke! Texas Tech has become the biggest joke, and then hired Tubby who will be let go as soon as this lawsuit is concluded so some no-name cheap loser can be hired. Oh Well, TT will be the only team left in the Big 12 anyway. Have fun playing with yourselves.

  192. Raider Fan 2 Says:

    Why are the James’ depositions not posted in their entirety?

  193. Harry James Says:

    Wow. The stuff posts to show the strength of their position basically implicates Craig James as causing most of this. Will it be their position in court that Craig James made them fire Leach so they can’t be held responsible????

  194. Bob Smithers Says:

    Mike Leach was insuboordinate, disrespectful, and a general pain to deal with. Was he a good coach? Yes. Was he a great coach? No.

    I have a hunch most of the posts on here spewing vitrol at Hance are from 1 or 2 people posting repeatedly, as the Facebook “Team Leach” site has encouraged it’s few active posters to do.

    I liked Mike and appreciate what he did the school, but his lethal flaw was that he thought he could do and say whatever he wanted to the student athletes and his bosses. He was a good coach who averaged 9 wins a year (and 4 losses), but unfortunately for him that doesn’t give him license to treat his players and bosses like he owns them.

    For those of you making negative postings about the Leach firing, I suggest you go treat your current boss like Mike did his and see where it gets you. No matter how good you may be at your job, I imagine it will get you to the unemployment line just like it did Mike Leach.

  195. Joel Rabe Says:

    I am a big fan of college football and always enjoyed watching Mike Leach led TT teams. I live in Nebraska and am a Husker fan but had a great deal of respect for how far Coach Leach brought along your program. As I watched this story unfold it seemed obvious to me and other fans up “North” that this situation would have never gotten to the point it did if Craig James was not invloved. His son is a spoiled brat with minimal talent who is trying to ride on daddy’s coat tails. It is really just pathetic that Craig cant see that and tell his son to get his act together. I dont think ESPN should have him involved in their College Game day broadcasts and he should not be allowed to call Big 12 games. I hope Coach Leach wins his lawsuit but am also hopeful Tech fans can move forward and their team have success under Coach Tuberville.

  196. Leon Komkov '81 Says:

    As is the case with the majority of the commentators here, six months after the events in question, I remain very troubled by the treatment of Coach Leach, and even more troubled by the pitiable emailing “updating” us on procedural motions in the case. Even if TTU wins its dismissal on grounds of sovereign immunity or otherwise, the end of the lawsuit won’t do anything to assuage my anger.

    I’ve given some thought as to how to express my “no” vote to the current athletic administration, without otherwise harming a school with which I have deep ties (me and three siblings are graduates, my father was a professor). My personal solution has been to non-renew my football season tickets, non-renew my Red Raider Club membership, and non-renew my Alumni association membership, but to continue my giving to the Library Fund and the School of Arts and Sciences. Monetarily, probably not a big issue to the athletics department —a loss of maybe 2000 bucks a year — but it lets me keep supporting Tech, while protesting a situation that I oppose.

  197. Jake Says:

    Wow, just wow!

    TTU Administration Propaganda Machine 3
    Mike Leach 197

    How can this corrupt administration continue to take itself seriously?

  198. David Says:

    Make that 198 for Mike Leach. I recently received a letter from the Alumni Association saying that they had nothing to do with the termination of Mike Leach and that it was unfair that individuals were withholding their financial support of the Alumni. I recall receiving a phone solicitation from the Alumni shortly after we won our last bowl game asking for a contribution…I guess they had something to do with the victory? This is bad…All the way around for Tech. The Administration needs to admit their error and settle out of court. It’s going to take some of us a few years to get over this one…It’s time to start the healing.

  199. Bruce Says:

    Tech now has what is called TUBBY BALL …. best known in the SEC as can’t win the big ones. But what the heck that’s what you get when you have ESPN and the James boys running the football progarm.

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