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Law Grads Best in Texas on Bar Exam

Texas Tech University School of Law led all Texas law schools on the July Bar Examination.

Written by Leslie Cranford

Historically, Texas Tech law students have done well on the bar exam. 

With a first-time pass rate of 94.52 percent, the Texas Tech University School of Law led all Texas law schools on the July Bar Examination.

The overall pass rate for graduates of the nine Texas law schools taking the bar for the first time was 89.41 percent.

“It is obviously a great thing to be ranked No. 1 in Texas on the law licensing examination,” said Walt Huffman, dean of the law school. “These excellent results validate in a very important way the quality of the legal education at Texas Tech.”

Huffman said Texas Tech students and faculty work extremely hard to maintain the school’s traditionally high bar passage rate.

Historically, Texas Tech law students have done well on the bar exam. In February 2000, Texas Tech law students achieved a 100 percent passing rate for first-time exam takers. In February 2005, Texas Tech topped all Texas law schools, with a 90.63 pass rate, and in July 2005, was again the top public law school, with a 91.01 passing rate. In February 2008, Texas Tech again had the best pass rate among public law schools with 92.86 percent.

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10 Responses to “Law Grads Best in Texas on Bar Exam”

  1. Cassie Says:

    i really wanna do law when i get to college i am only in the 9th grade but i have a pretty good idea of what i am gonna do when i get to texas tech going to texas tech and studing law is one of my dreams

  2. Isaac Says:

    Wow this opened my eyes. I’ve been looking for colleges outside of Texas because I didn’t think any in Texas were any good in that area. My friend today me just yesterday that they are on of the best so I did some research.Texas Tech is defiantly on my top 3.
    Class of 11

  3. Chris Says:

    Re: Cassie

    You will find it extremely difficult to achieve your desire to be a Texas Tech Law student if you continue to use words like “gonna”, “wanna”, and “studing”. The court room will find you more appealing if you are coherent and make an effort toward using correct grammar.

  4. Jake Says:


    When you go to law school, you’ll encounter a lot of dorks like Chris. Don’t let it bother you.

    Class of 08

  5. will Says:

    also stay open to other posibilites law school is not the only way to make an impact on the world. explore your options.

  6. Brenda Says:

    I have been wanting to attend the law program at TTU for the longest time! This has only improved my motivation to reach that goal!
    Class of 11!!

  7. Celeste Says:

    I am a recent graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law, and I am very proud of my fellow classmates. It is a huge accomplishment and a great asset is our goal of Tier 1 status!

  8. Cindy Langford Miller Says:

    Congratulations Texas Tech School of Law. Cindy Langford Miller, CLass of 1975

  9. Robert Says:

    Re: Chris

    Nice going…promote the University by giving a grammar lecture to an excited 9th grader who dreams of going to Tech…take the hanger out of your shirt the next time you put it on.

    Re: Cassie

    Go for it…follow your dreams and find a career you love.

  10. Sharon Says:

    Grammar people: Everyone’s right here. I too was a little taken aback by Cassie’s informality. But as an “old” law school graduate (1984), not a fresh-faced texter, I’m not sure how well it serves a 9th grader to, in every day life, speak like a lawyer, or even just as an adult. (Split infinitive intended.) If she really aspires to law school, she’ll acquire the necessary skills in due time. But I have to say, the interchange had me LOL. (See, we can all learn new things – Cassie and us old fogies, too.)

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