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Ranch Horse Team Wins National Title

With wins at the inaugural ASHA National Championship Collegiate Stock Horse Show, the Ranch Horse Team claims the national championship and an undefeated season.

Written by Cory Chandler

The Ranch Horse Team led by Kris Wilson won the first-ever national championship at the inaugural ASHA National Championship Collegiate Stock Horse Show. Find out more about the Ranch Horse Program at Texas Tech.

The Ranch Horse Team led by Kris Wilson won the championship at the inaugural ASHA National Championship Collegiate Stock Horse Show.Click to Enlarge

Texas Tech University’s Ranch Horse Team clenched the American Stock Horse Association (ASHA) National Championship at the Texas Tech Equestrian Center.

The win culminated an undefeated season and eight individual class national championships to go along with the team’s crown.

“We’re blessed and honored to be named the first-ever national champion Ranch Horse Team at the inaugural ASHA National Championship Collegiate Stock Horse Show,” said Coach Kris Wilson. “Our students worked very hard all year long, from tryouts to the championship. They deserve every bit of recognition they’re getting.” The Texas Tech teams included:

Texas Tech Red:

  • Dusty Burson, an animal science major from Silverton
  • Kara Kraich, an animal science major from Akron, Colo.
  • Jay Ray Sagaser, an animal science major from Cotton Center
  • Adam Schwalm, an animal science major from Plano.
  • Tyler Theiszen, an animal science major from McCook, Neb.
  • Krystal Towle, an art major from Sanger

Texas Tech Black:

  • Will Boedeker, a history major from Quitaque
  • Zack Burson, an animal science major from Silverton
  • Cooper Cogdell, an animal science major from Silverton
  • Luke England, an animal science major from Wingate
  • Ashley Hartzog, an animal science major from Farwell
  • Jennifer Richards, a psychology major from Rosenberg

Tech’s eight individual national champions were:

  • Limited Non-Pro Pleasure: Robert Rivers, an animal science major from Elgin
  • Non-Pro Pleasure: Jenn Richards
  • Non-Pro Reining: Krystal Towle
  • Limited Non-Pro Cowhorse: Kara Kraich
  • Novice Cowhorse: Luke England
  • Non-Pro Cowhorse: Tyler Thieszen
  • Novice Trail: Dusty Burson
  • Non Pro Trail: Jay Ray Sageser

In addition to the Red Raiders’ championship victory, the Texas Tech (Black) Team placed third, just behind reserve national champion New Mexico State University. Texas A&M University, Sam Houston State University, Clarendon College (Green), Stephen F. Austin University, Laramie County Community College and Clarendon College (White) rounded out the standings in the team competition. Tarleton State University and Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture also sent individual participants to the championships, but did not field a full team.

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3 Responses to “Ranch Horse Team Wins National Title”

  1. ELD Says:

    Congratulations on your winners.
    Now what I and possibly many other people will want to know is why you send so many horses to New Mexico to the Clovis Horse Auction to more than likely end up in a Mexican Slaughterhouse?
    Are there no Texas auctions nearby or do you not want locals to know where your horses are ending up?
    I am sure that you have the ways and means that if necessary to humanely euthanize these horses rather than take a chance of their being sent through the torturous process of shipping to a kill plant.
    I don’t think many Texans would be happy to know that Mexico is benefiting through the horrific deaths of our American ranch horses.
    I am really looking forward to your answer- as I am sure many people will be.

  2. JCH Says:

    Dont patronize these hard working individuals on issues that your liberal, soft hearted, uneducated, people of Texas like yourself supported, by not being educated on Animal Agriculture people like yourself pushed for the shutting down of Slaughter plants that in turn made things much worse than you will ever understand. The Texas Slaughter Facility was humanely euthanizing horses that were at the end of their life. These are not the young beautiful horses that you are used to seeing. Please do more research next time you want to chime in on an issue like this, you should contact a rancher or the university to discuss these issues but dont be rude to the contestants they have not harmed their animals and take very good care of them.

  3. Horse Sale Lady Says:

    Oh, Texas…. When it comes down to horses there is no competition. TX = pure horse state.

    And to ELD: How exactly is Mexico benefiting? Only because they are a near-by dumpster for the dead horses? So don’t kill the horses. The fact that TX is exporting dead or ready-to-be-killed horses to Mexico is 100% related to our own economy/government issues. So yeah, go ahead and blame Mexico because WE decided to export the horses and “benefit” them. Get some common sense here.

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